Interview with Inglorious at Ramblin’ Man Fair, 2016

When the cat is away, Inglorious will play. With Nathan James off chatting to others, our intrepid reporter, Karen Hetherington gets to talk to the rest of the band...

Interview by Karen Hetherington

Picture Credit: Adrian Hextall

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Since the release of their self titled debut album “Inglorious” back in February of this year – which has received massive praise – Inglorious have got a lot of people talking… and its all good things they are saying…

The album was a huge hit with me personally and my first live experience of the band was a full length set in The Stables, Milton Keynes back in June where they had the opportunity to showcase their full potential.

Eager for more of the same, I was fortunate enough to catch them again in the Limelight, Belfast last week where they were supporting the Dead Daisies and they drew the audience attention in a way that is not always commonplace with support acts, but then again, I heard rumours amongst the crowd that some of them had gone there purposely just to see them.


I arrived at the Rambin Man Fair just in time to see Inglorious open the festival on the main stage, already firmly of the opinion that they are a band who deserve to be heard by the masses.

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to chat to Lead Guitarist: Andreas Eriksson, Drummer: Phil Beaver, Rhythm Guitarist: Wil Taylor and Bassist: Colin Parkinson later that day and here’s what they had to say…

KH: Hi guys I was set to interview Nathan today but this is fantastic as I haven’t really spoken to the rest of you before. What do you think of the Ramblin Man Fair so far?

Inglorious: Its amazing. Totally, fantastic, Really nice vibe, everyone’s enjoying themselves, there’s no trouble, it’s really cool.

KH: How do you find it differs from any other festivals you have played at?

Inglorious: There’s a bit more of a community feeling, yeah no one’s going crazy, getting smashed, everyone seems to like the same bands, it’s not too big either, just a nice size.

KH: Where are you headed for after here? Are you staying to enjoy some of the bands today?
Inglorious: We will stick around for Whitesnake, gotta watch the heros!

KH: As you opened the festival on the main stage do you think that was a good position to be in, to be the first act, or a disadvantage as some people hadn’t arrived yet or were maybe just checking out the site?

Inglorious: Its great because we got a sound check

Inglorious_009KH: You got a really good crowd

Inglorious: Yeah, really cool crowd, really loud

KH: Your album is fantastic, I have had it on repeat quite a lot but as your touring a good bit with one albums worth of material and a few covers thrown in, are you finding its getting a bit repetitive playing the same songs all the time?

Inglorious: No, not really, each gig is different, each crowd is different, so you know, we love playing whether it’s our own songs or cover songs, we just love playing music!

KH: I’ve read before who your influences are as a band but what about individually? What sort of music did you grow up listening to?

Phil Beaver: I grew up listening to The Beatles – almost exclusively
Andreas Eriksson: Aerosmith
Wil Taylor: Iron Maiden
Colin Parkinson: I grew up listening to Motown and all that kinda stuff but then got into Aerosmith, Mr Big, 80s bands, Extreme and all that stuff

KH: There is quite a difference musically there between you all isn’t there?

Inglorious: Yeah, ‘laughs’

Andreas Eriksson: And I love some of the bands Colin just mentioned there too, so it’s all good

Inglorious_027KH: I had mentioned when I reviewed your gig in Milton Keynes how good the cover versions in your set were, I was absolutely blown away by the acoustic version of “Burn”, do think you would ever consider recording some of the cover versions amongst your original material?

Inglorious: Thank you very much!

Will: The Milton Keynes gig? The one in the theatre?

KH: Yes, that’s it, (to Phil Beaver): And you were front of stage on a 12 string!

Will: Yeah he plays guitar too, leftie 12 string too. ‘laughs’

Phil: No, no, we wont record covers on albums, we would do the odd video, something like that, maybe on a live album.

KH: What are the dynamics within the band regarding song writing? Are you all contributing?

Inglorious: We all do yeah, I mean we were down at Phil’s in May for a few weekends, just in this room basically and we just sat with acoustic guitars. Sometimes we have individual ideas we bring in and embellish and stuff but mainly we started from scratch didn’t we really? Yeah, everyone writes, everyone records, it makes it really easy.

KH: I heard Nathan say at your Belfast gig on Thursday night that you had written the song Holy Water in half an hour?

Inglorious: Yeah I think that was the last song we wrote, going into the studio. Yeah Holy Water and Until I Die.

KH: It seems to be the song on your album that everyone is talking about, considering it was written in half an hour, how surprised are you that it’s had such a big impact?

Inglorious: Well it’s a very simple song, a lot of blues, it’s cool that the blues are having that effect on me ‘laughs’, yeah, its great!

KH: Have you found that your experiences of touring so far have had any influence on your song writing on the new album?

Inglorious: I think we are more focused on our sound now, the new album is very high energy, you’ll notice a difference on the next album

KH: So where are you off to next?

Inglorious: Wolverhampton on Tuesday, then Italy, then recording album two, then Belgium we’ve got a festival over there.

Inglorious_007KH: Are you inclined to listen to any other up and coming bands at the min, in addition to your original infuences?

Inglorious: Yeah, yeah, because we are friends with a lot of them as well, we wouldn’t be where we are now without the help of other bands. There are loads of up and coming bands that we are mates with and we listen to – Stone Broken, Western Sound, Bigfoot; Mason Hill who are playing here today.

KH: I actually met Nathan in the 100 Club in London when he was there watching Monster Truck.

Inglorious: Yeah, Monster Truck are a great band!

KH: Then your getting a day off tomorrow?

Inglorious: Yeah, couple of days off, two days, two whole days!

KH: Have you any idea yet when the new album will be out?

Inglorious: March we think, yeah we are looking at March at the minute

KH: It is quite difficult making time isn’t it? When you are touring so much?

Inglorious: ‘laughs’, we haven’t recorded it yet. It will be done. The last one was done in like October or something but it took until February to come out.

KH: But its great that your enjoying the experience of touring so much.

Inglorious: Yeah but we just love playing, its all we want to do.

KH: Which band have you most enjoyed supporting so far?

Will: ‘laughs’…so far? Probably the Daisies so far, just cos you know, we are mates with them now, for me, Doug was one of my heroes, Winery Dogs were lovely as well, we have been so lucky so far.

KH: That must be amazing for you if Doug was one of your heroes and you’re now touring with him?

Will: Its amazing, you couldn’t get much better, you learn so much, although we have been touring before this, it hasn’t really been this intense, we learn a lot from these guys, from the Daisies, the Winery Dogs too, just from observing, you know, its very good.

KH: Well that’s probably the best thing you can do! Thank you so much for your time guys, was great to chat to you, I’ll write you into the festival review for today.

Inglorious: Yeah great thanks, nice to see you!

If you have yet to hear Inglorious’ debut CD, its definitely worth a listen – or several and if you have the opportunity, check out the live experience for yourself, you will not be disappointed.



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