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Cheap Trick live at Darien Lake Performing Art’s Center July 27, 2016

Live review: Pam and Mark Schaff

Photos: Pam and Mark Schaff


As part of the Rock Hall Three for All tour, the classic hard rock band, Cheap Trick took the stage and put on a show to remember. They played as good if not better than the last time seeing them in 1985. Cheap Trick rocked a crowd that showed up early to make sure they didn’t miss this legendary band that made it’s mark in the late 1970’s early 80’s. Their live “At Budokan” album which ranks as one on the top live albums of all time. With a substantial catalog of hit songs to choose from. This tour is one of the must see shows this summer.

Robin Zander, Tom Petersson, Rick Nielsen and Daxx Nielsen performed hit after hit showing why this band has been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. They stared their set with the fitting song ‘Hello There’ followed with ‘California Man’ and ‘Looking Out For Number One’ which got the crowd rocking out and dancing while singing along to every song.

By the time Cheap Trick got to the classic 80’s power ballad ‘The Flame’, the crowd was waving their phones with the lights on in classic lighter fashion. Let’s face it nowadays, it’s not as PC to smoke, so people don’t carry lighters around like back in the day. But camera phone lights do the job well. Millennials will never know what it’s like to hold up lighters while watching their favorite bands perform, while burning their fingers in the process, as many of us once did.

Next, Robin started out with his signature line “I Want You……..To Want Me”,  at this point the crowd went crazy as they powered their way through this hit song  followed by ‘Dream Police’ and ‘Surrender’. Rick Nielson played his way around the stage in his usual fashion changing up guitars with nearly every song and throwing handfuls of picks at the crowd. One of the most memorable moments for me was when I was taking photographs and got a face full of guitar picks thrown at me. I wanted a pick as a cool keepsake however,  I was trying to remain professional,  so I didn’t stop to pick one up. I figured as soon as we were done taking pictures I could grab one. Unfortunately for me the other photographers snatched them all up!

They finished their set with the song ‘Gonna Raise Hell’ from the Dream Police album. Cheap Trick proved they still have what it takes to be a powerhouse of a band and gave an amazing performance. They sounded just as good as they did at the height of their career. Cheap Trick has an amazing stage presence and stamina that bands half their ago don’t have. Our only regret was we wish we didn’t wait 31 years to see these guys perform live again.


Hello There

California Man

Looking Out For Number One

No Direction Home

Heaven tonight

I’m Waiting For The Man

The Flame

I Want You To Want me

Dream Police


Gonna Raise Hell

Tell Us How You Feel