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Roadless “Keep Rolling” Album Review

Genre: Metal, Hard Rock
Released by: Carma Music
Release date: March 2015

1.Scary face
2. Back to the top
3.She’s gonna take me
4. Love to roll
5.Home sweet homicide
6. Never say never
7. Voodoo love
8. Hot mama
9. You are nothing
10. Believe

The Band:
Blaze – Vocals
Noxy – Guitars
Morgan – Bass
Cris Crow – Drums

The Debut album for rockers from Turin, the Roadless “Keep Rolling” is a well played ten song outing where the band is a splinter group that shows their music writing has an  eye to the past, influenced by the best rock ‘n’ roll that ranges from the 70s to the 90s, mixing it with a fresher sound.

roadless Article Cover Framed

“Scary Face” opens the album with the sound of rain and the police siren, I imagine them the Roadless, on a dark street to play and the excitement of a metropolitan city surrounds them.

They give  strong impact corrosive riffs and Blaze’ rough voice  gives this work a sleazy note.
“Back To The Top” leaves little to the imagination with a soft introduction, as far as he may be, to flow into a shrewd rhythm, worthy of any album from L.A. Guns.

roadless Article 1 Real Framed

“Love To Roll”, an aggressive song, and maybe the standard-bearer of the entire work of the band. Very domineering rhythm and rock.

With “Home Sweet Homicide”, the Roadless catapult us through a radio, in a manner even more robust, as well as in “Never Say Never”, which reminds me a bit ‘the sound of the Neurotic Outsiders, as well as for the “You Are Nothing” piece.

“Voodoo Love”, “Hot Mama” and “Believe…

… which closes the album, are the three essential pieces on the entire disk, irrepressible, that ignite the fuse of the band.

This group is genuinely impressive, their album is highly recommended for those who grew up in the ’80s, who has titles in its collection of Guns N’ Roses and L.A. Guns and those who love the genre purely sleazy.

Reviewer:  Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 9/10

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