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All Covered in Sleaze, Interview with Jake Widow (Vocals) (Nasty Ratz)


Interview by: Valeria Campagnale


NASTY RATZ is the coolest glam band, they come from Prague (CZ), and started in its inception in September 2012. They’ve played live opening for Adam Bomb, JunkYard 69, Sadness, Crazy Lixx. In 2014 the band recorded its 1st EP called “I Don’t Wanna Care” which became popular in the Glam/Sleaze underground scene all around the world.

In May 2015, they made its first full-lengh album called “First Bite”  released by Sleaszy Rider and recorded thanks in large to the fans of the band.

As glam addicted from ages, it’s my pleasure to speak with Jake Widow lead vocals and front man of Naty Ratz.


Hi Jake, glad to have the chance to talk to you today.

J-Thank you so much

First of all, for an unfamiliar reader, how would you describe Nasty Ratz?

J-I have, seriously, no idea! We came for that what we want and we do what we love. But it´s mostly hard rock with some glam attitude and shine.

Glam metal is back and I’d also like to ask you about its future? For instance there’s people like me who enjoy glam metal and the new generation of fans, a younger audience, how do you see the future of the genre?

J-Both, we are not familiar with idea staying the club band we are currently. We enjoy the age difference between fans at every show we play.

What makes Nasty Ratz different from any other glam band?

J-Attitude. We are not the band who wants to bring 80’s as the only goal. Also, we love alcohol, chics etc., but currently we are more into music. We just don´t have so much time for party because we spend our time being a band we have always wanted to be. And lyrics. It’s not about chicks, drugs and booze over and over again. I really enjoy expressing my every thought and feeling.

Nasty Ratz

How do you think the reactions to the band will differ/compare between the United States and Europe and how is the rock scene in the Czech Republic?

J-The newest single will be produced by Beau Hill (Warrant, Europe, Ratt etc.). The main reason is getting ourselves to the US trade. I think that US fans need to know more about us, but 99% of reactions from the States are great. And…Czech rock scene ain´t that good. There are too many musicians for a small country like that. People here are overdosed. I think, we have great musicians, but not composers.

What can you tell me about the composition of the songs? Do you sit in the studio with the intention of writing the “definitive rock song” or ideas arise spontaneously in your minds?

J-Well, it´s spontaneous as fuck. But usually Tommy and Steve make music and let me compose the melody and write lyrics. But we have never met each other just for composing something new.


What can you tell me about the  influences behind your songs?

J-The coolest thing is the difference between our tastes. For example, I love KISS, but don´t like Def Leppard and Whitesnake which are the biggest influences of Tommy and Stevie. Rikki loves AC/DC and we three don´t like them at all (except the tour with Axl. I love it)

What’s next for Nasty Ratz? Are you working on a new album?

J-Yep. We have done one single already. It´s called Price Of Love and it´s produced by Beau Hill. Next week, we are going to studio again to record 2 more singles. Then, we will start working on the rest of the album.

This’s a question I ask often, what do you thing how the music is changed with Internet era?
Don’t you have the impression is changed as well the listeners’s approach to artists and their albums?

J-I don´t have a proper meaning about that. I´m 90’s child and streaming has existed from my early childhood. I guess, that people can know more bands which the labels are not interested in. But it´s also fucked up in the way of not-fair paying the artist off.

Perfect , I’d say we’re done. Thanks for your time. If you have nothing to add, something I forgot to ask you? Something you’d like to say to people over there?

J- Go to our website to have a good time and visit our shows. We are always glad to see you and drink a shot with you. Thank you so much for the support over the years.



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