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HIBRIA’s Self-Titled Album Review

Genre: Metal
Released by: Test Your Metal Records
Release date:  August 9 2016


1. Leading Lady
2. Music
3. Fools Paradise
4. Silent Revenge (Live)
5. Lonely Fight (Live)
6. Tightrope (Live)
7. Tiger Punch (Live)


The Band:
Iuri Sanson
Abel Camargo
Eduardo Baldo
Renato Osorio
Ivan Beck

Brazilian Power Metal band Hibria are back …

Hibria Article 2 Framed

… with a new EP of some new tracks and some live cuts. It’s called XX and it really is a fantastic release. One of the more unique bands in this genre, they owe as much to a classic 80’s hard rock sound in many respects as much as the power style. While so many bands try to emulate the sound of a Helloween, Hibria are more interested in bringing their own spin to an often tired sound. I freely admit, I’m not as familiar with them as I should be, but what I have heard I’ve always enjoyed.

XX offers three new tracks: the incredibly quirky take on a blues lick with “Leading Lady” that truly taps into more of a hard rock vibe delivered in a fast paced metal approach. Next is the track “Music” that is preaching about their love and passion they have for what they do, about how music can transport you out of the trials and tribulations we deal with in our lives. The final new track is “Fool’s Paradise,” the heaviest track of the three, melding a mixture of power, thrash, and progressive metal while still holding onto the 80’s-esque melodic sound. The next four songs are live versions of “Silent Revenge,” “Lonely Fight,” “Tightrope,” and “Tiger Punch” that enable new listeners in particular to hear some of their other tracks, while at the same time demonstrating their abilties on stage- at least from an audio standpoint.

Hibria Album Article Framed

Hibria are a band that are a bright, shining star in the metal world, whose light will hopefully burn brighter as the years pass and hopefully bigger. Demonstrating immense talent in their technical prowess as well as being able to deliver some stellar songs, XX is a nice release for the band to take to the road soon. This is certainly a band that has the potential to do big things down the road. As long as they keep releasing excellent material as is contained here, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating: 8/10

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