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Assassin – License To Kill Review

Released by: Heaven and Hell Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Rick Darr : Bass
Jeff Coffer : Drums
Billy Toth :Guitars
Larry Donovan : Keyboards
Mark Bailey : Vocals



1.Wild n’ Crazy
2.In the Night
3.Twilight (Prelude) / License to Kill
4.No Parole
5.The Assassin
6.Made in the U.S.A
8.Fool’s Don’t Know
9.Feels So Good


Thanks to this little invention called the Internet I have managed to discover an amazing amount of music and bands- some of it stuff just hitting the shelves while others are items I’ve often heard or read about and never got the chance to check out. It is immeasurable the sheer number of bands I am now a raging fanatic about just by surfing on some web pages, downloading or sampling some files, or just word of mouth through message boards and chat rooms. One band that kept popping up from time to time was a Pittsburgh band called Assassin. Those that were lucky enough to check them out live or ascertained some of their tapes would talk about how great they were and lamenting the fact they never “made it.” Hopefully, in at least a limited way, they’ll finally get their chance to prove what all the talk was about.

Yet again Heaven and Hell Records is delivering another offering from their veritable time capsule of all things classic metal. For the first time ever on CD Assassin’s License To Kill is available. Their sound is derived from an interesting meshing of early 80’s anthemic hard rock and a NWOBHM influenced traditional metal style. The songs are hard driving, super catchy with great sing-along chorus’, and a high energy spirit that seems perfect for the stage, yet they were able to capture that feel in the studio. Tracks like “The Assassin,” “Feels So Good,” “Wild ‘N’ Crazy,” and “Made In The USA” are the standout tracks on this fantastic collection of music guaranteed to get your fist in the air in celebration of some kick ass metal. As with everything I have ever gotten from H&H the packaging is stunning, with rare pictures, a great band history, and the CD comes with some bonus live tracks.

To finally be able to hear songs from a band I have heard others speak fondly of is a tremendous feeling. I already felt a connection and kinship with their music, and I must say that those who held high praise for Assassin were not kidding. License To Kill is an excellent old school metal album and a welcome addition to my collection.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating: 8/10

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