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Banshee – Race Against Time/Cry In the Night Review

Released by: Divebomb Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock




Race Against Time (1989)
1. Shoot Down The Night
2. All Alone
3. Race Against Time
4. Circular Flight Of The One Winged Sparrow
5. Call Of The Wild
6. Precious Metal
7. Desire
8. Get It On The Run
9. Missing You
10. Drive Like Hell
11. Desert Moon

Cry In The Night (1986)
1. We Want You
2. Back Your Way
3. I Believe
4. The Stranger
5. Cry In The Night


Divebomb Records are you shitting me?? Banshee??? I can’t tell you how much I have loved this band, and have for quite some time now. I don’t remember when I first became acquainted with the music of Banshee, but from the first time I heard Race Against Time I was instantly hooked. Long out of print and not reasonable to find as a used copy, I have been hoping someone would come along and remaster or reissue or hell just make available their music so I could finally get my hands on something. As luck would have it, it can finally happen.

Released as a double set the band’s first full length release Race Against Time and their debut EP Cry In the Night is here and ready to be loved by all. A fantastic cross of American metal in the vein of Lizzy Borden with an underlying 80’s hard rock glam backdrop, Banshee were one of the premiere bands of it’s genre, typically held in high regard by fans worldwide. Delivering high octane guitar riffs, down and dirty heavy rock songs, and a voice that defied the laws of science hitting super highs while having this very swaggering low range, Banshee should’ve made a bigger splash in the 80’s than they did. With the brilliant guitar work of Terry Dunn, the voice of Tommy Lee Flood, the drums of Kent Burnham, and the bass of Bill Westfall on such brilliant songs as “Call of the Wild,” “Desire,” and “Drive Like Hell” from Race Against Time and “We Want You,” “The Stranger,” and “Cry In the Night” from the Cry In the Night EP these guys offered so many great memories of listening to their music over the years.

They did release a great album back in 2012 which was pretty good, but to hear these albums again is a walk down memory lane. This is the perfect soundtrack for driving down the highway with the windows down, volume cranked, and not a care in the world except letting the music lead you forward. Albums like this are the best because they’re full of great songs and good times.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating: 9/10

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