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Baroness Live at The Waiting Room, Buffalo NY August 17,2016

Live review: Pam and Mark Schaff

Photos: Pam and Mark Schaff


This was the second time seeing Baroness this year. We made the trip to Toronto back in May when they played the Opera House. They blew us away that night. We just couldn’t wait to see them again, this time in our neck of the woods.

First up was Pallbearer a doom metal band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They started their set off with the song ‘Worlds Apart’ from their second album ‘Foundations of Burden’ They sounded great and played with a tremendous energy that flowed into the growing crowd. Fans came out early to see these guys. We found ourselves standing in front of the stage, they were so loud at times it felt as if you were getting punched in the chest! This was our first time seeing these guys and they didn’t disappoint. A great band to see live. If you value your hearing bring your earplugs.

Pallbearer has a new EP out called ‘Fear and Fury’. One track is killer cover of Type’O’ Negative’s ‘Love You to Death’. Definitely check these guys out!


Worlds Apart

Fear and Fury

Unknown New Song

The Ghost I used To Be



Now it was time for Baroness to take the stage. As they did back in May, they blew us away with another amazing performance. This is a band that commands the stage with intensity and a stunning sense of musicianship beyond many of their contemporaries. Members John Baizley, guitar and vocals, Pete Adams, guitar and vocals, Sebastian Thomson, drums and Nick Jost bass and keyboards,  gave a nearly packed Buffalo crowd a night to remember. This is a band that just four years ago suffered a devastating bus tragedy while on tour in England in 2012, that injured crew members and left two band members with broken vertebrae, causing their departure from the band. Baizley suffered a shattered arm and broken leg. The crash could have been the end of the band however Baizley and Adams regrouped and with the addition of Thompson and Jost they forged ahead. Releasing the brilliant “Purple ” album this past December. Just two days after the four year anniversary of that terrible bus crash they came to Buffalo and brought down the house.

Supporting their fourth full length album ‘Purple‘, they played a seventeen song set that clocked in at nearly two  hours with songs from their four full length albums ‘Red’, ‘Blue’, and the ‘Yellow & Green’ double LP and ‘Purple”.

They started with song ‘Kerosene’ from the ‘Purple’ album followed by ‘March To The Sea” from the ‘Yellow & Green’ album. When they played fan favorite ‘Shock Me’ the crowd went crazy. A few of the the standout’s of the night included ‘Board Up The House’ off the “Yellow & Green’ album. Another one we loved was ‘Chlorine And Wine’ off ‘Purple”.  While their set comprised mainly of songs off ‘Purple’ they did play songs off all four albums. “The Gnashing’ from the ‘Blue’ album, and one from the “Red’ which was ‘Isak’ during the encore.

Baroness is not your typical “Heavy Metal ” band there’s so much more to these guys. They transcend genres. Their music is complex and melodic. Watching them perform these songs live is an amazing experience you find yourself completely immersed in the moment. If you get a chance to see Baroness live I recommend you do so.



March To The Sea


Shock Me

Board Up The House

Green Theme

Iron Bell

If I Have to Wake Up (Would You Stop the Rain?)


Little Things

Chlorine And Wine

Try To Disappear

Desperation Burns


The Gnashing


Take My Bones Away

Tell Us How You Feel