Grim Reaper “Walking In the Shadows” Album Review

Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper has proven to me at least me that the band are back and I hope they’re back forever to rock me to hell!!...

Genre: Metal
Released by:Dissonance Productions
Release date: 23 September 2016

01 Wings Of Angels
02 Walking In The Shadows
03 Reach Out
04 I’m Coming For You
05 From Hell
06 Call Me In The Morning
07 Rock Will Never Die
08 Temptation
09 Thunder
10 Now You See Me
11 Blue Murder
12 Come Hell Or High Water

The Band:
Band Members
Steve Grimmett – vocals
Ian Nash – Guitars
Martin Trail – Bass
Paul White – Drums

Walking The Shadows…

Grim Album Article Framed

Grim Reaper is a band I have adored for the last nearly 20 years. When I first got my hands on Rock You To Hell on cassette, there wasn’t a week that went by that I didn’t listen to it at least two times (usually after playing it once I knew I’d have to spin it again) and usually more. In fact, though I don’t play it quite as much as I used to, I will still give it two spins in a row. I was always fascinated by them prior to hearing their music. I saw Fear No Evil and See No Evil advertised in all the metal magazines I read back in the day, desperately searching for them to buy; and always enjoyed Nick Bowcott’s guitar tips in Hit Parader (or was it Circus? I can’t recall now [how about an internal monologue within and internal monologue…Bowcott is not on this album. For some that may be a deal breaker, sight unseen…sound unheard…anyway, if it is a deal breaker I guess you can stop reading now, however maybe you should reconsider.] Just looked it up and it was Circus.) When I heard that Steve Grimmett was bringing the band back to life, to say I was beside myself is an understatement. This has been one of my most highly anticipated albums ever since. Now called Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, the band are about to unleash their first album since 87.

It’s entitled Walking In the Shadows, and after so much anticipation I very easily could’ve been tremendously disappointed. Think about it: bringing back a beloved band from back in the day, no original members left (the band actually had a singer prior to Grimmett joining,) into a world where metal is kind of the bastard son of rock and roll (hasn’t it always?) So much potential scrutiny could be placed on Grim Reaper at this point. What if it’s Rock You To Hell Part 2? “Gee, he’s sure stuck in the 80’s!” What if it’s a complete departure from the classic sound? “Gee, he’s another old fart trying to cash in on his old legacy and trying to be current?” After several spins of this album I am happy to announce that it is fantastic. It’s not like Steve has rested on his laurels as he has done several other amazing projects (Lionsheart, Onslaught, Chateuax, a solo album, and a handful of other projects and guest appearances.) His voice has always remained in great shape to my ears, and has matured into something even better. Though he can still belt out some great screams, he focuses more on the intensity of the vocal. The first couple of tracks on the album aren’t quite Grim Reaper and not quite not.

They share more commonalities with some of his other projects since with some new flare to them. I figured maybe this was going to wind up like the last Sanctuary album was: fantastic, but should’ve been called Nevermore. The song “Reach Out” kicked in and the Reaper was officially back! Other tracks like “Call Me In the Morning,” “Blue Murder,” and “Come Hell Or High Water” tap right into what I always thought made Grim Reaper such a great band: up tempo attack, melodic and catchy, and that magnificent voice! I love how he managed to bring the essence of the classic band (to a degree) while at the same time staying true to himself and keeping it fresh musically. He’s also put together a fantastic collection of musicians to keep this much beloved band going with Ian Nash on guitar, Martin Trail on bass, and Paul White on drums.

Grim Article Framed
There’s always a risk involved when a band that held such stature back in the day that they ended up being a featured video on Beavis & Butthead (and even when a band was made fun of it was still an honor to be on there) with such a small yet mighty collection of albums over such a length of years, to return and try to bring new life to it could always backfire. The fact that Steve Grimmett not only has the balls to do so, but back it up with such a great album with Walking In the Shadows, shows just how talented he is and how dedicated he is in preserving the legacy of the band for not just himself, but a cadre of dedicated and loyal fans. Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper has proven to me at least me that the band are back and I hope they’re back forever to rock me to hell!!


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Raring: 9/10


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