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Downfall “Heavens Gain” Album Review

Genre: Rock/Alt Rock/Metal
Released by: Self Released
Release date: Out Now

1. Lost My Mind
2. My Innocence
3. Life
4. With You
5. Lost And Found
6. The Darkness
7. The Tenant
8. Stress
9. Chin Up

• Karl “Tiny” Little – guitar and vocals
• Jake Hodgson – guitar
• Nathan Bostock – bass
• Mack Hodgson – drums

Downfall are an independent rock band based in Devon, South West UK
Downfall formed in 2013 and have been gigging hard across their local circuit and beyond. Heavens Gain was recorded at Momentum Studios in Plymouth, mixed and mastered by Josiah Manning and features artwork by Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art.

Downfall Album Article Framed

The Debut Album ‘Heavens Gain’ Which Is Dedicated To The Memory Of A Close Friend Of The Band Jamie Fleming Is A Nine Track, Blistering Raw Emotion Fuelled Trip Of Powerhouse Drumming, Blistering Guitars, Ballsy And Solid Vocals And Crunching Bass Lines.
Devon Based Rockers ‘Downfall’ have released their debut album ‘Heavens Gain’ Kicking off with sizzling rocking riffs and a deep bass line of ‘Lost My Mind’ which sets the pace for the entire album, with smooth vocals that suddenly turn into the devil himself screeching at you as you immediately rock your air guitars into a hellish frenzy
‘My Innocence’ continues the frenzy of blistering guitars mixed with diesel fuelled angry demonic vocals from ‘Karl Little’ as he asks ‘What is So Wrong With This Head Of Mine’ almost like there is a Hulkish alter ego that appears when enraged.

downfall Article Framed

There is a slight adjustment in pace as it is slowed on ‘Heavens Gain’ for the stand out track the metallica ‘esque ‘Life’ with a slow acoustic intro accompanied by some great vocals by ‘Little’ soon the pace picks up with searing guitars and thumping bass thrown into the mix.
‘With You’ has an intro that could fit on any Maiden track this however is where the similarity ends as we rock into another great stand out track, great licks and singalong chorus keep the heads banging and air guitars screeching.
The album closer ‘Chin Up’ has a sweet as sweet can be blues guitar intro, which leads into a rumbling bass line which is present throughout the track monstrous riffs and blusey licks add to ‘Little’s’ calls to ‘Let The Good Times Roll’.

Reviewer: Shane Bradley

Rating: 8/10



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