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Hard Knox – Psychos R Us Review

Released by: Tribunal Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock




1. Freight Train From Hell
2. R.R. Tracks
3. Feels So Good
4. OGA
5. Psyco’s R Us
6. Not So Bad
7. Hairy Kari
8. You’re A Mess
9. Keepin’ Up
10. Pushin’
11. Don’t Point Your Finger
12. Pushin’ (Demo)
13. Will We Make It (Demo)
14. She Do It For Money (Demo)


What’s the most money you’ve ever spent on an album before? Not a very shocking question for some, but for collectors of rare albums (no matter the format) that number jumps higher and higher. I’ve never found myself in the position to plunk down a ton of money on something I really wanted to own. I think the most I ever paid for an album was KISS s/t LP I paid $50 for because it was missing “Kissin’ Time.” For major collectors who have the means, there is no price too steep. What would you say if I told you that a band you’ve probably never heard of has had their out of print album sell on pages like Ebay for $300? That has been the going rate for the band Hard Knox and their debut album Psychos R Us. Out of print for 20 years; it even found it’s way into the VH1 100 Rarest Hard Rock CD’s. Guess what? Won’t be so hard to find now as Dive Bomb Records is making it available to it’s patrons.

I had honestly never heard of the band before so after learning about the history of this album my curiosity was up. Initially released in 1993, the band found themselves at a tough time for a sleazy hard rock outfit, what with grunge rearing it’s ugly, flanneled head. Sadly, a lot of great bands got lost by the side of the road during the 90’s when this sound fell out of fashion. Fitting nicely with bands like Dirty Looks, Dangerous Toys, and Kix, their brand of in your face, blistering sleaze rock delivered with a sneer had a much harder edge than most of the bands in the 80’s, perhaps tapping into the change from the fluffier sound of the 80’s to the darker era of the 90’s. I hate that I missed out on this back then as this is right up my alley. Songs like “Psychos R Us,” “Feels So Good,” and “Don’t Point Your Finger” are fierce and brash. Along with the classic album are four bonus demo tracks and some great archival photos.

I know that true collectors will still hold out hope for perhaps getting their hands on an original pressing of this great album Psychos R Us, but this is the perfect way to tide yourself over until that happens. For guys like myself that are in it strictly for possession of the music, this reissue will suffice for me. If you’re a tad on the broke side like me, this will work for you too. I’m sure the members or Hard Knox won’t mind ya picking it up too.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  7/10


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