Britny Fox returned to Queens, NY at Blackthorn 51 on August 26, 2016

There was more time to hang out and have direct conversations or even hold Johnny Dee’s drink for him so he could take a photo with a fan....

Live Gig Review and Photos by: Zenae Zukowski



Britny Fox returned to Queens, NY at Blackthorn 51 on August 26, 2016. The last time they made this appearance was in November 2015, and I have noticed a change within these nine or so months. Last November, Britny Fox appeared more buttoned up and serious, as it made sense since it was their official return in quite some time that included introducing the new member, Chris Sanders (former Lizzy Borden) on guitar. On this evening in August, the performance seemed more relaxed, casual, as the venue was about half full or so.  Aside from the venue not being packed, it was an entirely different experience seeing these guys kicking ass and having fun on the stage.

The evening began with a local act from Suffolk County, Long Island Montalk. You could see that their influences range across the Rock/Metal/Punk movements from the nineties to present day as they performed a cover of Megadeth’s “Wake Up Dead.” They seemed a bit nervous and new to performing, as it is evident that they formed in 2014. Hopefully, they will receive a confidence boost after the release of their upcoming new album.

Next up was the New York City Rock act Bob Dee with Petro including members Bob Dee, TJ Jordan (guitar), Scott Campbell (drums) and Alison Jones on bass. They are known as a heavier Cheap Trick, and I could see that influence that night when they went into the cover song “Hello There.” They seemed comfortable on the stage, which was pretty much what that evening was all about: to let loose and have fun.

The night moved away from Rock to more Heavy Metal as Philadelphia’s Corners of Sanctuary came on. Formed in 2011, and they seem to have grown a decent fan base ever since. The band was there to celebrate James Pera the bassist’s 27th birthday as they continued to master their set with a ferocious energy. At one point they promoted one of their latest tunes, “Victoria.”

Next up was the Queens local act Kore Rozzik as it was the birthday celebration. I have seen these guys before along with following their updates, and I must say they continue to impress me as they hold an incredible amount of talent. These guys are performers and know what they are doing, if they keep it up, their future will grow. Their performance was more to the point, Metal, as they did not do too many theatrical acts on the stage. However, there was a moment when Kore (vocals) wore a top hat and looked deep into the crowd. Look out for them; they are fun and wicked, and they continue to perform new tunes such as their latest, “Mistress.”

Finally, it was time for Britny Fox to take the stage. The band has had quite a few ups and downs, hiatuses, and returns over the years but things have seem to be made in full gear since their official return in 2015. Performances have been rather selective as they spent time recording a new album while working on other projects (Johnny Dee with Doro for example). These guys are quite busy, yet manage to be there this night and had personalities did shine including members Billy Childs (bass), Tommy Paris (vocals/rhythm guitar), Johnny Dee (drums) and Chris Sanders (lead guitar).  It was the smell of incense that led me ready to see them as this has been their ritual when kicking off the set. Aside from the scent, it is the little details such as Paris’ white guitar with the image of the girl from the Exorcist that adds the entertainment.

However, the performance itself felt slightly rushed as I noticed there was less interaction than their run in November.  With that being said, the rushness did not put a damper on the show as they did give it their all that night. They followed a formula that works which includes, playing their hits and giving each member a chance to shine in a solo (aside from Billy). Billy’s charismatic and delightful energy alone was enough for him. The set moved song after song with “In Motion,” “Louder,” “She’s So Lonely,” Rock Revolution,” and “Long Way to Love.” Paris moved into a solo just before they moved into “Hold On,” “Lonely Too Long,” “Livin’ On a Dream,” “Dream On,” “Shot From My Gun,” and “Hair of the Dog.” As things were moving towards the end, Sanders went into his solo, and people need to know what an incredible guitarist he is. He impressed me in November and well he did it again this night as he led into the next song “Six Guns Loaded.” Finally, it was time for my personal favorite solo, Johnny Dee on drums. I have seen him with both Doro and Britny Fox, and I adore his tenacity, vibe, and unique charm. Even at close to two o’clock in the morning he knows how to keep the audience awake and adrenalized. As the set seemed as though it just started, Britny Fox closed it with “Girlschool” and “Midnight Moses.” The highlight was seeing them genuinely having fun and that to me is what Rock ‘n’ Roll is all about.

Luckily this evening, Britny Fox stayed to speak to the fans and well this is the positive part not to have a complete sold out show. There was more time to hang out and have direct conversations or even hold Johnny Dee’s drink for him so he could take a photo with a fan. I hope they return soon because I personally can’t get enough of them!


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Photo Credit: Daisy Robinson

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