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Tony Wright – ‘Walnut Dash’ Review

Released by: Woodcut Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Track Listing

Music Is The Food Of Love
One Size Fits All
Lost Property
A & E
Life’s Too Short
Rise Up
Delete Repeat
The Blues
Opposites Attract


Tony Wright is best known as the singer with Terrorvision.  He has the boundless energy of Tigger on stage, this I was lucky enough to witness at The Ramblin Man Fair recently and also at Wembley this year, he has undeniable energy both vocally and performance wise. Tony’s ‘joie de vivre’ has now been encapsulated in his new solo offering, the second after his first album ‘Thoughts ‘n All’.  Whilst his debut album was possible slower and in a more thoughtful vein, this new offering shows the heavier more upbeat side to his work.

‘Music Is The Food Of Love’ takes me back to the 80’s with a slight ‘Hey Micky’ intro which soon changes forcibly into a cheeky chappy, rocking treat and sets the tone for the other tracks to come.

‘One Size Fits All’ is probably my favourite off the whole album and has husky vocals that remind me a little of Kelly Jones and indeed the whole track has a slightly ‘Stereophonic’ feel to it.  Whilst ‘Lost Property’ has a beautiful acoustic guitar intro, simplistic in its entrance into this anthem of a lonely soul wandering along to a backdrop of Beatle-esque keyboards. Stunning in its execution, this track has the vocals and wonderfully described sadness, which keep this excellent tune alive until its end.

A ‘Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ type intro makes its way in dust covered cowboy boots into the beautifully crafted ‘A&E’…reaching a crescendo of dramatic drums and writhing guitar which would not feel out of place at a stadium gig.  The title of the next track, ‘Life’s Too Short’, could make you think this would be a depressing number, but in actual fact it is the kind of ditty that you could well find yourself singing along with old mates after a night at the boozer…it’s fun and its positive!

The heaviest track is probably ‘Delete Repeat’ where we find Tony using his vocals to swing nicely from mellow and rhythmic to almost thrash metal, yet still managing to keep the basis and tunefulness intact.

The other tracks on the album ‘Rise Up’, ‘The Blues’ and ‘Opposites Attract’ all tie in to perfection to generate this sublime treat from Tony.

Typically British and proud of that fact, there is no mistaking Tony’s roots with this fantastic second solo offering of some upbeat and also some contemplatively beautiful tracks.  I especially loved the harmonic use of guitar together with Tony’s vocals, providing a melodic, rock treat to put a smile on your face.

Plus Terrorvision fans will rejoice in this extra treat for their ears!


Review: Francijn Suermondt

Score:  9/10


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