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Dirty Glory – Mind The Gap

Genre: Hard Rock

Released by: Perris Records

Release date: Out Now!!!



Line Up:

Jimmi DG-vocals,

Dee Machado-guitar and backing vocals


Sas -drums

Vikki Sparkz -bass



01. Sticks and Stones

02. Failing the Test

03. 20 Years of Moving On

04. Beyond Time

05. Black Lightning

06. Fire

07. Damn the Human Race

08. Every Time I Think About You

09. What’s Her Name Again?

10. Mr. Jack

11. Modern Gods

12. The Sentence


Tell me I’m nostalgic, but I love to listen to a return to 80’s style and this band is absolutely inspired by that decade and they really know how to rock!

Dirty Glory are a Brazilian band very influenced by the American Sleaze/Glam Hard Rock era. The 12 tracks are a kind of dejavù and their style make them so fresh with the right feeling and good that make their debut album damned impressive.

Since the opener “Sticks And Stones”,  we know exactly what to expect from the rest of the album, hard rock a gogò, bands like Wasp, Aerosmith, Skid Row and Crue made school for this energetic music style in the whole world.

Almost punk in Guns ‘N’Roses style “20 Years Of Moving On,” that includes, harmonica solo that makes this track bluesy.

The guaranteed power ballad “Every Time I Think About You” reminds us the glory days of the golden sleazy rock.

This CD will not change anything in the music scenes, but it’s a good opportunity to brush up our leather jackets, skin-tight jeans and to backcomb our hairs.


Reviewer: Valeria Campagnale

Rating:  9/10


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