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Helix – Rocket Science Review

Released by: Perris Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Brian Vollmer:  Vocals, Kaleb Duck: Lead guitar/vocals

Daryl Gray: Bass/vocals/keyboards

Chris Julke:  Guitar/vocals, Gregory “Fritz” Hinz:  drums



01. Billy Oxygen

02. You’re A Woman Now

03. Heavy Metal Love

04. Rock You

05. Deep Cuts The Knife

06. Wild In The Streets

07. Good To The Last Drop

08. Shock City Psycho Rock

09. Get Up!

10. Make ‘Em Dance

11. Even Jesus (Wasn’t Loved In His Home Town)

12. (Gene Simmons Says) Rock Is Dead


This album is a collection of tracks that look back on the career of this veteran hard rock band, with the new comical track ” Rock Is Dead ” based on what Gene Simmons said in an interview.

The clip of the single is totally funny,


And the part of Simmons is played by Demon Moe, while Ace Frehley is played by Michael Moodry.
It’s seems Mr. Simmons doesn’t exactly knows how much hard rock music is all around the world.
In this CD, Helix reintroduce the best songs they’ve ever made, for the joy of their fans and for people who want to know what rock is. “Billy Oxygen” and “Rock you” still my favorite songs by Helix. The album is an excellent artistic journey of Helix done through the years, they take us to travel in time with “Wild In The Streets”, “Shock City Psycho Rock”, “Get Up!” and “Heavy Metal Love”.

Another record to add to each collection, thanks heaven the Canadian band still rocking us, remind us rock is NOT dead.


Reviewer: Valeria Campagnale

Rating:  9/10


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