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Imperial State Electric “All Through The Night” Early Album Review.

Genre: Rock
Released by: Psychout Records
Release date: Out Now

01- Empire Of Fire 3:28
02 – All Through The Night 2:36
03 – Remove Your Doubt 3:46
04 – Break It Down 3:14
05 – Over And Over Again 2:36
06 – Bad Timing 3:02
07 – Read Me Wrong 2:59
08- Get Off The Boo Hoo Train 2:48
09 – All Through The Night – Would You Lie 2:37
10 – No Sleeping 4:58

The Band:
Nicke Andersson – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tobias Egge,- Guitar, Vocals
Dolf De Borst – Bass. Vocals
Tomas Eriksson – Drums, Vocals

Ex-Entombed drummer and Hellacopters main man Nick Andersson’s Imperial State Electric are set to release their fifth studio album “All Through The Night” September 23rd on Andersson’s own Psychout Records.
Following up 2015’s excellent “Honk Machine”, the new disc picks right up where it’s predecessor left off, with a 10 song collection of melodic 70’s inspired guitar rock that’s hard to resist.


In addition to the hard driving boogie of “Get Off The Boo Hoo Train” and the riff rock of “Empire of Fire” and “Bad Timing”, “All Through The Night” sees the band delving into new territory with the string laden title track, the laid back country of “Break It Down” , the Phil Spector inspired “Read Me Wrong” and the Beatlesque closer “No Sleeping”.


For those who like their contemporary rock with a big dose of classic influences I can’t imagine “All Through The Night” not hitting the mark.

Reviewer: David Burke

Rating: 8/10

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