Motörhead – Clean Your Clock DVD Review

We might be born to lose – however being a Motorhead fan has always been a win-win in my book. ...


Interviewer – Marianne Jacobsen


Literally one year to the day I am writing this review and remembering standing in mud, soaking wet and loving every minute of the last live performance that Motörhead would play in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Riotfest.

Lemmy & Co have always been a band that it was never whether you were going to the show – it was who was buying the tickets and how close did we want to be to the giant rock and roll bomber that makes up the band Motörhead, who play Rock and Roll Forever, regardless of spiritual geography.

Mickey and Phil have both come forward and told everyone the obvious – that the Motörhead/Lemmy vaults are empty and there will be no “hidden recordings” being pulled for box sets etc.

Mr. Kilmiester was not a wasteful musician. He gave us his everything and for that, I will always be a loyal disciple.

With much love and regret though – my long overdue review of Clean Your Clock – Live DVD/CD/Vinyl/BluRay/UDR/Motörhead Music


Photo Credit: Pep Bonet

Even though this release has been out since May, with so many variable options of how to obtain this masterpiece – I think it easier if I list them so you can tell Santa/Satan exactly which one you want under the tree (or sacrificial altar) this year.


· Coloured Double Vinyl in Gatefold with Pop-up Art (and who doesn’t love pop-up art?)

· Standalone Audio CD

· DVD of the show with audio CD

· BluRay of the show with audio CD

· BOXSET which contains the Coloured Double Vinyl in Gatefold with Pop-Up Art, DVD of the show with audio CD and the Motörhead Metal Medal

· A limited edition BOXSET will be available through the UDR shop and will contain the Motörhead Medal in Silver or Gold

· Also available as a Digital download

Shot over two nights on November 20th and 21st 2015, at the Zenith in Munich, Germany, UDR Records made the decision to record what ended up being the very last live shows ever recorded of Motörhead. So we are lucky fuckers!

We might be born to lose – however being a Motörhead fan has always been a win-win in my book.

The filming and production are so cleanly done – it feels as if you have the best seat in the house.

You shuffle in the door with fellow fans and ticket holders proclaiming their distance of pilgrimage (“1000 kilometers from Romania!”) and their love for the band that is and always will be Everything Louder Than Everything Else .

Nothing beats the sound of air raid sirens when you know the only thing dropping is the Motörhead classic Bomber which opens the set as it rightly should with all the heaviness you expect from Phil Mickey and Lemmy.

Photo Credit: Pep Bonet

Photo Credit: Pep Bonet

The sheer energy of the crowd is in your eyeshot and although you can’t smell it – you can see the mist rise as the collective soul of Motörhead rises though the fans and is given back to them. So don’t sweat it.

Stay Clean, Metropolis and When the Sky Comes Looking For You (off the new album Bad Magic) get the bodies moving and the sheer power of fan and band united is clear as the Blu Ray it is on.

Each of the performers is as fantastic as the other. Phil Campbell carries the floor and works the stage like the true showman that he is. Catcalling and encouraging the crowd to give him all they have. So they do.

Mickey Dee (congrats on the Scorpions – saw you this summer and you rocked) absolutely assaults the kit and ensures that there is a perpetual motion of percussion echoing through the auditorium.


Photo Credit: Pep Bonet

Everything about this experience in whatever way you chose to intake it is the awesome reminder that there are no substitutes for the real thing. Motörhead is just that.

The ongoing clever banter between the band and the fans is something that is really missing these days from rock shows. Motörhead connects with their fans on such a level that it could be a conversation from across the bar instead of across a stadium.

The classics start to come out mid way through the show with hits like The Chase is Better Than the Catch, Orgasmatron, Just Cos You Got the Power (one of my personal favorites) No Class, Ace of Spades and Overkill id you weren’t a Motörhead fan before you sat down to this show. I’m gonna guess you are now.

The bonus features are always fun and this DVD is no exception.


Bomber / Stay Clean / Metropolis / When The Sky Comes Looking For You/ Over The Top/ (Guitar Solo) /The Chase Is Better Than The Catch/ Lost Woman Blues/ Rock It/ Orgasmatron /Doctor Rock/ Just ‘Cos You Got The Power/ No Class/ Ace Of Spades/ Whorehouse Blues/ Overkill

As the presser says: So TURN-THIS-UP because as Lemmy himself said, the only way to feel the noise is when it’s loud… and remember Lemmy and Motörhead in the best possible way and keep in mind what he always said: Don’t forget us, we are Motörhead and we play rock’n’roll!

Photo Credit: Pep Bonet

Photo Credit: Pep Bonet

As I have heard many people say and said during that final tour that Lemmy looked “old” and “tired” and “already dead” – what they forgot is that is just his body. If you listen closely – the funny English gent that always delivered without exception night after night long before most of us were born is in there. His sense of humor is as on point as ever and his love for all us Motorschmucks is very clear.

Born to Lose…Kicked my ass.

Long may you shake the foundations and remind us what real rock and roll are all about.
Love you Lemmy – you are the most real human being I never got to meet – I think we probably would have got along.

See you in Hell – first round is on me.


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