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Interview with Fernando Ribeiro Of MOONSPELL

Interview By Zenae Zukowski

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Photos by Olga Kuzmenko


For nearly thirty years, the Portuguese Dark Metal band Moonspell have been capturing our souls with musical magic. As a fan of Horror, music and to always create, it is no secret that vocalist Fernando Ribeiro is a highly busy man. He spends his time on collaborations, writing, and recently celebrating the twenty year anniversary of one of their most popular albums ‘Irreligious.’ Despite his busy schedule and a bit of MyGlobalMind teamwork, we managed to Squeeze in  an  interview. We got to discuss the possibility of a new EP, his collaborations with other artists, the love for horror, and more!



Zenae: How was it working with Theatres des Vampires on the song “Seventh Room” and is there something you can reveal to us about it?

Fernando: It was great. They are a legendary band and Sonya (Scarlett) she’s one of the coolest, kindest, big-hearted vampire ladies I have ever met. So it was easy to convince me and I was really surprised to hear such a heavy goth song. I hope I don’t disappoint!

Zenae: What was your experience like being one of the judges of Motel/X – Lisbon’s cult International Horror Cinema Festival?

Fernando: Fuckin awesome! I love horror movies, I was as a friend and a fan on first edition ten years ago (and many others after) so I was able to watch incredible movies before anyone else and enjoy the great feeling of this amazing festival in Lisbon. I got to hang out with Mick Garris (Stephen King sidekick), a true gent, and the one and only Ruggero Deodato, Cannibal Holocaust director. The whole experience was truly rewarding and quite a privilege for me, as a horror freak.


Zenae: It is such a surprise seeing Irreligious released on vinyl to celebrate its 20th year anniversary, with that in mind do you plan on having a full tour to honor this?

Fernando: Yes, Century Media approached us and we made sure we are having an edition that really makes the difference and celebrates this important album. We’re for sure planning to do something for the 25th year of the band, next year but we still don’t know any details.


Zenae: It seems ideas endlessly flows in a variety of directions, do you have anything you can reveal about the upcoming EP or possibly full-length album in Portuguese?

Fernando: They do if you encourage your creativity as much as we do. It’s still a bit early to specify what will happen with these songs we wrote. We already recorded the supposed EP songs and they sound brilliant, much better than our expectation, especially considering I am using Portuguese all the time. It’s a concept about The Great Earthquake of Lisbon in 1755, and how it changed the mentality in Europe especially regarding faith and God.

Zenae: This was originally going to be added on a DVD release, is there a specific reason that inspired this to become an EP instead?

Fernando: Not really. There was not an agenda. Moonspell just writes freely and we love to write new stuff in between albums and tours until they become something album worthy. This happened with the couple of songs we were making and maybe we turn them into a full length album. We are waiting to see where it goes but we’d love to make a full album of course, just because it sound so fuckin great!


Zenae: If the opportunity permits itself, is there a specific artist or band you would like to collaborate with? 

Fernando: Do you want a list haha. Top of mine would be singers like PJ Harvey, Bjork, Peter Murphy, Jarboe, Lisa Gerrard, Diamonds Galas. I would also would love to work something out with Solstafir I really like and admire this band. Other than that, and for more name dropping, we’d love to see our orchestrations by the maestro Gustavo Dudamel, among some other wild dreams…

Zenae: Extinct has been out for a year and a half now, as the tour supporting this record continues, is there a particular song from this album you enjoy most live?

Fernando: Many. Extinct is an album that does great on a stage. I love to play Breathe, Extinct, The Future is Dark the most.


*Editor’s Note: How cool is this Cover? … Holy Shit.

Zenae: Have there been any funny moments while touring for the Extinct tour you would like to share with us?

Fernando: Trying to remember. This life is made of absurdities. When we toured North America with Septic Flesh it was crazy. LA we played South Central, a real bad neighbourhood , like the set of the movie Dangerous Minds. We’re surrounded by hip hoppers, teasing us, but all fun in a place they used to shoot people.

Zenae: Throughout Moonspell’s entire catalog, is there a song you haven’t had a chance to perform live in a while but would like to?

Fernando: A couple of them but not that many: I’d say stuff like Rapaces from Darkness and Hope, Self Abuse from Butterfly, Shadow Sun from Night Eternal and some other less known songs. It’s a pity though.


Zenae: Here is a fun question, if you had full creative control on a score for a Horror film, which one would it be?

Fernando: Hard. I love soundtracks and composers normally do their job splendidly. I feel I have nothing to add to the works of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Goblin, Christopher Young, Clint Mansell. If we ever had the amazing chance of doing a soundtrack I would love to improvise over an old movie, Nosferatu or Faust by Murnau or Voyage a la lune, some silent thing we could expand on with music.

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