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Lizhard’s “Bigger, Better, Stronger!” Album Review

Genre: Hard Rock
Released by: Perris Records
Release date: May 27th 2016

1) Funkytown
2) Downtown
3) Candyman
4) Rock ‘n’ Roll is hard to die (Ft. Paul Shortino)
5) Leave me alone
6) Urban cowboy
7) Gettin’ tighter (Ft. Marco Mendoza)
8) All I want is you
9) Hard to say goodbye
10) And now…take this!
11) Lizhard

Line Up:
Mario Mosca (Voice)
Paul Mainetti (Guitar)
Luca “Ze” Moroni (Bass)
Ricky Lecchini (Drums)

Lock Out… The 80’s are BACK…

This italian band, Lizhard, is another one fresh air into the big cauldron that’s the rock music.
They’re a hard rock band formed in 1995, started as a cover band they played all over Italy and Switzerland for years.
The band decided to start writing their own music and in 2005 they recorded a 5 track Ep called “Sexy Lolita”, entirely sung in Italian, but they soon decided to go back to their pure hard ‘n’ roll sound working on their first self titled full length album.

The long awaited second album “Bigger, Better, Stronger!” were released on May 27th, 2016 and we can find some very special guests in it, like Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake,Thin Lizzy), Paul Shortino (Rough cutt, Quiet riot) and Alessandro del Vecchio (Hardline, Edge Of Forever).
In this new Lizhard’s work, there’s everything a rock fan can expect to find in a good hard rock record, starting from “Funkytown”, where guitars and Mario’s voice are fused together in a groovy harmony, good rhytms and perfect sound just like in the whole album and especially in the tracks “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Hard To Die”, “Urban Cowboy” and “And Now…Take this!” that’s a great song in my opinion, a piece full of AOR, 80’s atmosphere and a great energy.

This Lizhard’s new album is a very stronger and loaded work, maybe it will not change the music world but it could change the mine as it make me feel good vibrations.

Reviewer: Valeria Campagnale

Rating:  9/10

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