Skull Control Knobs – rock n roll embellishments for your guitars

What does a rock guitarist do in his spare time? The logical answers would be those enshrined in rock ‘n ‘ roll history from girls, girls, girls to mountains of cocaine to snorting ants off the pavement.

When you have a young family however and your priorities change, it’s time to take a step back and consider what you can bring to the music scene, retain your rock’n’roll creds and still bring home the bacon for your significant other and your son.


It’s a dilemma faced by The Rev, hard rocking guitarist, formally of The Howling and now lead guitarist with Hey! Hello! and Lupus Dei. The answer…. collaborate with your friend who designs rock n roll jewellery, skull rings, pendants and more and design a series of Skull Control Knobs for guitars and basses.

The collaboration, design and development of the beautiful pieces is complete and you can see the end result below:


Sept 23-25. 2016 will see Simon (Card, Rock n Roll Jeweller) and The Rev exhibiting Simon’s other wares as well as the control knobs at the London Tattoo Convention where they will also be taking orders.

Stop by and say “Hey! Hello!” 

Tickets for this show are available in advance via their website



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