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Crystal Ball “Deja VooDoo” Album Review

Genre: Melodic Rock
Released by: Massacre Records
Release date: 7 October 2016

1. Déjà-Voodoo
2. Director’s Cut
3. Suspended
4. Never A Guarantee
5. Reaching Out
6. Home Again
7. To Freedom And Progress
8. Time And Tide
9. Without A Net
10. Full Disclosure (*)
11. Fools’ Parade (*)
12. Dr. Hell No
13. To Be With You Once More
(*) Digipak Bonus

Line Up:
Steven Mageney – Vocals
Scott Leach – Guitars
Tony “T.C.” Castell – Guitars
Cris Stone – Bass
Marcel Sardella – Drums

Crystal Ball, Swiss melodic hard rock band, have been at it a long time now…


… recording some very distinct and excellent music since its inception (after a brief run as a cover band that is.) They’ve made a great splash on the European music scene, but as is often the case with bands of this genre they’ve not managed to make a major impact in the US. Perhaps it’s time and place, an environment not suited for this style of music, but by all rights should have made some waves here, other than a handful of lunatics like myself that gobble up International melodic hard rock bands like potato chips.


Hitting the near end of 2016 with their 9th regular release, Deja Voodoo delivers exactly what the fans have come to appreciate from Crystal Ball over the years. It packs a good strong hard rock punch yet wrapped in layers of melody that is lacking in most contemporary rock music. Many of the tracks like “Suspended,” “Reaching Out,” and “Full Disclosure” even offer a very European bombast that leans almost into a Power Metal style, while at the same time capturing the softer side of AOR with tracks like “Home Again” and “To Be With You Once More.”


Crystal Ball’s Deja Voodoo truly is a fantastic album, carrying on their tradition of making some excellent albums. Will this be the one to propel them to the next level? Only time will tell. Old fans and new will agree that this is a criminally underrated and unknown band, but that same tune is sung by so many bands; they’re in excellent company.

Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating: 8/10

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