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Killer Bee “Eye In The Sky” Album Review

Genre: Hard Rock
Released by: Mighty Music
Release date: 14th of October 2016

1. Eye In The Sky
2. Shout It Out
3. One Step Closer
4. Higher And Higher
5. Face The Night
6. The Flight
7. Get On Board
8. Joystick Warrior
9. Right Between The Eyes
10. By My Side

Line Up:
Brian “Bee” Frank – Vocals
Anders “LA” Rönnblom – Bass guitar
Andre´Hägglund – Guitar
Paul “Tonka” Chapman – Guitar
Morgan Evans – Drums & percussion
Denny DeMarchi – Keys


It is a true inspiration to hear about bands that were on the cusp of big things perhaps, but due to things beyond their control everything shatters right before their eyes, watching as all the hard work they put into creating their music for the masses ends up going dormant then after some time has passed are dealt a new hand and are able to attempt to reclaim that chance at superstardom again. It doesn’t happen a lot, at least the second half of it, but when it does you can’t help but find yourself rooting for them to achieve that success. I admit, Killer Bee is a band that I never heard of back in the day, and only heard the name a couple of years ago upon their return, but even then it was just a passing chance of hearing the name. Now the time has arrived for me to acquaint myself with their music
Mighty Music are about to release the upcoming new Killer Bee album Eye In the Sky.
Going in without any prior exposure I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice 70’s hard rock vibe akin to Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, with powerhouse guitars, soulful vocals, and a keen sense of the melodic with just enough pomposity to give it a good edge. I was thrilled to hear that this band wasn’t just some old throwback band- whose glory truly lived up to what I had read about them. Many times I have read some of the bio’s attached to a promo and just had to chuckle and shake my head. I understand selling a band, but seriously I’ve had to do double takes listening to an album and reading the bio. With the case of Killer Bee and Eye In the Sky I, for a change, could agree that this was an excellent record. Tracks like “The Flight,” “Shout It Out,” and “Eye in the Sky” have that classic rock appeal that gives them the aura of having been around more decades than they have, while at the same time not pigeon-holing themselves to a specific sound.
I hope Killer Bee is able to maintain the current traction they have and hopefully gain a legion of more fans. Eye In the Sky is a tremendous album that is new and familiar without being a cut out of what’s already happened in rock music. This is rock music straight from the heart, not full of pretensions, not trying to be anything more than a great rock and roll record.

Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  8/10

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