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Cry of Dawn – Cry of Dawn Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: AOR/Rock



Line Up:

Göran Edman – Lead and backing vocals
Michael Palace – Guitars and bass
Sören Kronqvist – Keyboards
Daniel Flores – Drums and keyboards
Produced by Daniel Flores



1. Chance
2. Listen To Me
3. When Right Is Wrong
4. Tell It To My Heart
5. Light A Light
6. Can’t Go On
7. Building Towers
8. Hands Around My Heart
9. Life After Love
10. Yearn
11. Tell Me


Goran Edman is probably best known for his time with Yngwie Malmsteen, I’d say that was probably his highest profile gig at least, but the fact is Edman has sung on countless albums with so many different acts that the chances are quite good that you’ve probably heard his voice without realizing it.He’s managed to spread himself out in multiple genres of the hard rock and the metal world including Progressive, Power, and Melodic. As long as growls aren’t involved, his voice his definitely one worth having on your recording. No stranger to the AOR world, Edman’s latest project is called Cry of Dawn and is one that should truly propel him to bigger things.

The album is called Cry of Dawn, and is a stunning display of AOR supremacy, allowing Goran’s emotive and soulful voice to truly shine. Moving in a vein similar to Bad English, Honeymoon Suite, and Journey, the songs display a masterful knowledge of melody; writing songs that are memorable, catchy, and highlight not only the shining talent of Edman but of the band as well. Though his voice is a very significant component of the Cry of Dawn sound, the musicianship can’t be forgotten. Michael Palace does a stunning job with the solos and riffs, also supplying the bass, while producer Daniel Flores also provides drums and keyboards and additional keys brought to you by Sören Kronqvist. “Tell It To My Heart,” “Chance,” and “Tell Me” were my favorites from the album, however, it’s pretty solid throughout.

Cry of Dawn aren’t re-writing the AOR songbook, but they’re definitely adding some new songs to the list of already amazing tracks of the genre. Their s/t debut is as great a debut as one could ask for, providing excellent songs and a truly fantastic display of talent. If you have ever been a fan of Goran, this album will not disappoint. If you just love high caliber AOR and melodic hard rock, Cry of Dawn is the band for you.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  8/10


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