From the TOTO Vault, Toto: Live At Montreux 1991 BLU-RAY+CD Review

We’re not one of those bands that tours every summer and plays the same 13 hits....

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

David Paich

Steve Lukather

Jeff Porcaro

Mike Porcaro


Track Listing:

1.) On The Run
2.) Kingdom of Desire
3.) I’ll Be Over You
4.) Africa
5.) Jake To The Bone
6.) Red House
7.) Rosanna
8.) I Want To Take You Higher


Toto is a band that you may call a “survivor”, not only has the group been plagued with line-up changes through the years but also the untimely passing of two of their core members in the brothers Jeff and Mike Porcaro. Like any great band, they have managed to stay together with capable bandmates and even with the sharing of vocal duties on many albums and on tours, one fact remains the same, their uncanny sound, and their fan base has not deserted them.

This nice little package from the Montreux vault of 1991, brings to light for the first time on High Def video, the wonderful lineup that featured both Jeff and Mike Porcaro, alongside Steve Lukather and David Paich. This was around the time frame the band was supporting “Kingdom of Desire” record, and of course featured Lukather on vocals. Luke is a very capable songwriter, but as a whole with the Porcaro brother making a sweet rhythm and bass section, this record was solid.

It was during this tour that the Montreux performance was recorded, and in typical fashion, the band does shine. Although a short set of 8 tracks we’re featured on this set, you get to hear some nice treats featuring the likes of “Jake to the Bone” and the title track of this same record, alongside Toto classics “Rosanna”, “I’ll bet Over You” and “Africa”.

A brilliant performance simply because you know these guys in their root of their musicianship we’re all great sessions players in their own rights, they could improvise wonderfully, and you felt the energy and timing glare through the sound system as you watched the magic of their early years translate to the live stage years later.

As Lukather said, it’s a lineup that you won’t get to ever witness again, so the fact that there is another nice little video package is pretty cool.

Check out the in depth interview MGM did a few weeks ago prior to this release with Lukather as he goes into more detail about this release:

MGM: It was ballsy to open with two unreleased song at such a big festival?

Steve Lukather: We were fearless. We always champion our new materials and the fans love it. We’re not one of those bands that tours every summer and plays the same 13 hits. When we play a new song people don’t go to get a beer, they want to hear the new stuff. At the time no one had seen this version of the band so we thought lets go kick some ass. We won them over right away and you can see it.

Toto and it’s members past and present can be heard on “5000 albums that together amass a sales history of a half a billion albums”, and not only as grandiose talented musicians, they have survived the times and the trends and are still around today bringing new music to the masses.

This package filmed in high definition brings their crisp sound home all the while witnessing something unique int he bands timeline, check it out as should any Toto fan.


Written By: Shadow Editor

Rating    8/10


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