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Stuck Mojo “Here Come The Infidels” Album Review

Genre:Rap Metal
Released by:Stuck Mojo Music
Release date: 1 July 2016


  1. Here Come The Infidels
  2. Rape Whistle
  3. Charles Bronson
  4. The Business of Hate
  5. Verbal Combat
  6. Destroyer
  7. Worst Person on Earth
  8. Fire Me
  9. I Am Legion
  10. Tamborine
  11. Blasphemy

Line Up:
Robby J. – Vocals
Rich Ward – Guitar
Frank Fontsere – Drums
Len Sonnier – Bass

Stuck Mojo formed in 1989 and have toured with some of the Rock and metal greats. Their last album was ‘The Great Revival’ in 2008, and with the band on hiatus until 2015, (due to Rich and Frank working on ‘Fozzy’) they got back together to write material for a new album. That new album is ‘Here Come The Infidels’
Opening with the title track ‘Here Come The Infidels’ is a loud punk introduction to the album. The first verse reminds me of 80’s British punk, until the chorus kicks in, at which point you realise this is a punk rock album. The chorus, with its anthemic shouty lyrics would not go amiss at a festival, and I’m sure it will become a live favourite, with the crowd shouting along before the melody kicks in perfectly for a pit to open.
‘Rape Whistle’ and ‘Charles Bronson’ provide more of the same, with well lyrical verses and strong shout along able chorus’s. Track 4 ‘Business of Hate’ returns back to an angry punk introduction and some of the verses, until at halfway Robby J. pops in with some Rap, to remind us that this is indeed rap metal and not punk metal.
‘Verbal Combat’ is definitely rap metal, from the first bar of the guitar introduction, and some screaming thrown into the lyrics to affirm this fact. ‘Destroyer’ follows in this vain, and reminds me some rap anthems from my youth. Whoever the ‘Worst Person On Earth’ is, I feel sorry for them as this is a strongly worded song that clearly shows the contempt the band has for this person.

‘Fire Me’ has what seems the longest intro on the album, and is more upbeat then the previous track, causing me to bounce around a bit whilst listening to it. ‘I am Legion’ has a Biffy Clyro feel about it, with some disjointed percussion and guitar melody. This song is about the metal stereotypes, 666 etc.
‘Here Come The Infidels’ finishes with ‘Tamborin’ which continues the theme of the album, and then the closing track ‘Blasphemy’ which starts reminds me of Slipknot.
This album is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a listen for fans of rap metal, nu metal, rap and just metal in general.

Reviewer: Kalli Isborne

Rating: 8/10

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