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Nova Twins Self-Titled E.P. Review

Genre: Grime punk
Released by:Robotunes
Release date:19 August 2016

Bassline Bitch

Line up:
Amy Love – Vocals, Guitar
Georgia South – Bass, Backing vocals

Be under no pretense, I don’t like grime, neither the stubborn dirt kind, nor the music genre. So when this EP came to me I was just the slightest bit dubious. It’s marketed as Grime Punk, and I was honestly hoping for more punk than grime, unfortunately I was disappointed.


As the first track Hitlist opens with electronic beats, closely followed by Amy Love’s strong vocals I was hoping to hear the guitar bring some promised punk to the proceedings. It did eventually appear, but not as I was hoping, used mainly as it was to liven up the bass line.
Bassline Bitch, which the south east London duo have released as their first single, closely follows the opening track, not only in numerical sequence, but in style as well.
Track 3, Drums, opens with yet more electronic beats, before Amy Love’s vocals drop, and I’m beginning to sense a pattern. The girls have a trademark sound, and seem to be sticking to it strongly throughout this EP.
Wave and Twitch follow with the same format, and by this point on first listen to the EP I’m struggling to tell which track is which, the recipe is that well stuck to. Although Wave does mix it up a bit, starting with vocals, before the beat drops.


After completing the first listen of this EP I had to disinfect my ears with some ‘proper’ music, before having a second listen, in the vain hope that I would find something I liked. It took until listen number 4 for my ears to stop screaming at me in protest and to allow some of the more intricate sounds to penetrate to my brain. At this point my head was starting to nod gently in time with the beat, always a good sign, and I was able to focus on the lyrics. Lyrically, this EP is not too bad, and unlike most Grime (in my opinion) they are clear and understandable, perhaps that’s the Punk part?
If you are looking for a Punk EP, then this is not for you, likewise I think that Grime fans will also be disappointed as it seems that Nova Twins have found themselves a niche in the genres that nobody knew we needed.
On a side note, my cat also didn’t like this EP much, as I left it playing through my earphones while I popped out of the room. I returned to find he has chewed both earbuds off, I’m assuming in the hope of making the noise stop. Mr Editor can I have some new earphones please.

Reviewer: Kalli Isborne

Rating: 5/10

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