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Airbourne “Breakin’ Outta Hell” Review

Released by: Spinefarm Records
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Hard Rock

1. “Breakin’ Outta Hell”
2. “Rivalry”
3. “Get Back Up”
4. “Never Too Loud For Me”
5. “Thin The Blood”
6. “I’m Going to Hell For This”
7. “Down On You”
8. “Never Been Rocked Like This”
9. “When I Drink I Go Crazy”
10. “Do Me Like You Do Yourself”
11. “It’s All For Rock N Roll”

Joel O’Keeffe – Lead vocals, lead guitar
Ryan O’Keeffe – Drums, percussion
David Roads – Rhythm guitar, backup vocals
Justin Street – Bass guitar, backup vocals

In the overwhelming myriad of ‘so cool it hurts’ bands this year, it is refreshing to come face to face with a bunch of old school rockers like Airbourne. They have obviously learnt two very importance lessons in this journey we call life, firstly, to party like you mean it and secondly, not to take yourself too seriously…and I mean this in a very good way!

At Ramblin Man Fair this summer, I was expecting good things from these Aussie boys, but I was … to put it simply…blown away by them, as was the crowd of all age groups. This, I could imagine, was how the kids in Australia felt when faced with ACDC for the first time in the early 70’s, and yes you cannot escape the comparison, but no, it doesn’t matter. In fact, I just feel pleased that we have more blistering rock of a similar ilk to enjoy…simple as that!


Hailing from a Victorian town called Warrnambool in 2003, the boys recorded their eight track extended track ‘Ready to Rock’ in 2004 and have since supported Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, Iron Maiden and The Rolling Stones, as well as performing at summer music festivals.

This is the fourth album from band members Joel O’Keeffe, Ryan O’Keeffe, David Roads and Justin Street and to coincide with its release, the lads are on a world tour which will be stopping off in the UK, for our pleasure, in November.

So let’s crank up the volume …..


The title track of the album is the opener and what an opener it is! ’Breakin’ Outta Hell’ is the smash in the face you want and expect from Airbourne. With no holds barred Aussie arrogance ‘Breakin’ drags your ears kicking and screaming with dirty rock anticipation to hear the rest of the album. Fast paced with superb guitar …if this doesn’t get you in the party mood, nothing will.

Track 2 has the fist punching intro, reminiscent in some ways to ‘Ready to Rock’ from the ‘Black Dog Barking’ album, which stomps nicely into the sexy, stripper sounds of ‘Rivalry’. With a chorus with superb vocals and harmonies, this will be a sing-a-long favourite at gigs for sure.

‘Get Back Up’ has the fresh, positive, sunny, driving away from your home town to pastures new, feel about it. Full of the vigour of youth and fighting spirit ….no you can’t keep these fellas down. Whilst ‘It’s Never Too Loud’ brings a more familiar Airbourne feel to the stereo, firing out the riffs with no mercy ensures that this track captures the essence of pure rock n roll.

Mosh pit fodder, pure and simple, comes to the fore with ‘Thin The Blood’. The pounding beat of the drums and the driving guitar make you feel like you are on a rampant, out of control roller-coaster of prodigious proportions….and what jolly splendid fun it is!

‘I’m Going To Hell For This’ is most definitely a nod to ACDC …you can almost feel Angus Young gently nodding his head to the rhythm over his guitar and saying “Yes young Jedi’s … you have done well …the force is strong in you”.

Double entendre’s are piled on in the lyrics for ‘Down On You’…yes they want to ‘eat you up’ amongst other things. As a female am I shocked? Hell no …I want to hear about sex, drugs and rock n roll from my favourite bands … not bloody politics! It’s meant to be fun aint it???

‘Never Been Rocked’ and ‘When I Drink I Go Crazy’ are two more examples of just how well Airbourne use their formidable rock formula of husky vocals and clan chanting to bring gargantuan anthems to their fans aplenty.

The final offering from this rock party album is the Nervous Shakedown-esque, ‘It’s All For Rock N Roll’….the perfect ending to another perfect Airbourne experience. Yes there have been no real surprises with ‘Breakin’ Outta Hell’, but I for one am glad, this is what I hoped for and this is what I gratefully received … Amen.

Reviewer:  Francijn Suermondt

Rating: 9/10

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