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Alestorm live @ Gramercy Theater, NY on October 4th, 2016

Live Gig Review and Photos by: Zenae Zukowski



Finally, it was time not to take anything seriously and to sit back and have a real time. Welcome to Alestorm’s Super Smashed Turbo Tour of 2016 with acts Nekrogoblikon and Aether Realm. It was a tour for Pirates and on October 4th at Gramercy Theatre in New York City was no different as quite a few fans dressed up for this event. Alestorm re-signed with Napalm Records and before working on a new album they decided to celebrate this with a tour, and for those who have been attending, consider yourselves lucky. I enjoyed the three acts together, and it probably is one of my favorite shows this year, and I would love to see them together again. This should be a yearly thing, and I would never get tired of it. For anyone that wants to see randomness, floating fish, singing pizzas, dancing goblins, rubber duckies, psychedelic dogs, and Thomas the train, well this show is for you.

The first band of the night was the North Carolina Vikings, Aether Realm as they consider to be a more Melodic Death Metal style It appeared that evening that a new album will be revealed as they performed new tunes. This set woke me up as it was filled with headbanging, learning how to make the real Metal horns by raising both arms and watching them tie their shoelaces. They played songs such as “Swampwitch” and went into a new tune as well, which was their third time playing it live, I believe it was called “Gin of Cups.” Regardless, we will find out soon enough.

Next up we moved away from Vikings with dead bear attire to Goblinville. The Goblin Metal act that hails from Goblin Island, Nekrogoblikon was ready to support their latest Goblin masterpiece, ‘Heavy Meta’ via Razor & Tie. There was a real life Goblin on the stage as he pointed out to the band, headbanged on the platform and crowd surfed multiple times. The group mentioned how it was the third day of the longest tour in the world as the crowd should be the luckiest fans in the world aside from the expensive drinks. The set included songs “No One Survives,” “We Need a Gimmick,” “Bears,” “Full Body Xplosion,” Prince of the Land of Stench,” “Nekrogoblikon,” and “Powercore.” Their set continued to include the Goblin as he held a large knife out towards the audience and began to play the drums with it. Goblin reenactments continued as the band wanted fans to sing along about killing pirates at one point, as they thought it was well suited since they were the direct supporters for the Pirate Metallers.

While fans were tossing around a floating Nemo and his fishy friend, a rubber ducky and a large picture of a hot dog held the fort on the stage for Alestorm’s arrival. Finally, it was time for the Scotland pirates to take the platform as they went into songs “Keelhauled,” “Over the Seas,” “Magnetic North,” and “Surf Squid Warfare.” Next up was a song for crocodiles as they went into “Shipwrecked.” They mentioned how the next tune would usually be dedicated to the ladies in the room, yet that evening they did not seem to see a woman, so they dedicated the next song to themselves with “Nancy the Tavern Wench” followed by “Mead From Hell.” As the set progressed, another dedication came into place as they dedicated “Walk the Plank” to the duck on the stage and not knowing why it was there in the first place. “The Sunk’n Norwegian” soon followed as they eventually moved into the new tune “Mexico,” promising all that a new album was in the works. Honesty came out when they described the real meaning of “Wenches & Mead,” which was whores and beer as they moved into this tune. As the set was closing, they informed all, “we are not here to play Pirate Metal, nor party, not here to take a pizza. We are here to drink, your beer!” Shortly after this announcement, they closed their set with “Drink.”

Alestorm did return for an encore as they wanted to know if it was time for a battle as they moved into “1741 (The Battle of Cartagena).” They asked the audience, “who woke up in an ocean of your own vomit?” As the next tune was dedicated to those with a “Hangover,” as they went into the songs “Hangover” followed by “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” and closed the night with “Rum.” This was by far a fun night, and I really hope to see them return soon enough.


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