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Hardline – Human Nature Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Johnny Gioeli – Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Josh Ramos – Guitars
Anna Portalupi – Bass
Francesco Jovino – Drums



01.Where Will We Go From Here
02.Nobody’s Fool
03.Human Nature
04.Trapped In Muddy Waters
05.Running On Empty
06.The World Is Falling Down
07.Take You Home
08.Where The North Wind Blows
09.In The Dead Of The Night
10.United We Stand
11.Fighting The Battle


Hardline is a band that seems unable to do a bad album. From their debut Double Eclipse, a bona fide classic thanks to the soulful voice of Johnny Gioeli to the dual guitar assault of his brother Joey and Journey legend Neal Schon, all the way to 2012’s Danger Zone album featuring a much changed line-up of the band from the beginning, you can always take to the bank that if it is stamped with the name Hardline, chances are good it’s going to be at the very least excellent. Johnny is the only remaining original member with the 2nd longest being guitarist Josh Ramos, yet Hardline are about to unleash another platter of hard rock delicacies.

The album is called “Human Nature” and shows them still capable of mixing great, powerful hard rock music that is melodic as well as rocking, with a voice that is so powerful and emotive. Gioeli’s voice is showing no signs of wear, just as smooth as ever, creating a sonic collaboration with Ramos’ blistering leads and memorable riffs to continue the amazing legacy of Hardline through songs like “Trapped In Muddy Waters,” “Where Will We Go From Here,” and “Running On Empty.”

There’s no new ground here because Hardline still sounds like the same band that released their debut back in 1992. And Human Nature is just as vital an album, adding to an already incredible catalog. They’re one of those bands that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Hardline has always made top notch music, and are keeping with tradition on their latest.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  8/10


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