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Thee Final Chaptre – It Is Written Review

Released by: Divebomb Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Gary Wilson: Guitar
Andrew “Tripp” Whittington: Vocals
David Osbourn: Drums
Paul Starnes: Bass



1. Day After Day
2. The Key
3. The Hallowed Hymn
4. Come As You Are
5. All For One
6. Don’t Let It Run You Down (Thunder Trilogy, Part I)

7. Just A Memory (Demo)
8. Blood In The Sand (Live)
9. Insane (Live)
10. Wisdom’s Call (Live)
11. Whisper To Scream (Live)
12. Edge Of Sadness (Live)
13. Just A Memory (Live)
14. Bullet In The Chamber (Live)
15. Armageddon (Live)
16. Black Rain (Live)


Without a doubt, I am a fan of metal and rock bands with singers that have insane ranges. Having followed groups as wide ranging as Queen, Judas Priest, Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, Stryper, Raven, Paragon (US), TNT, Firehouse, Banshee, Toxik, etc. it is no question that the higher a person can singer, the likely chance I’m going to be a fan. It’s not the only requirement I have (I mean, they have to be able to provide a good mid-range too and be able to sing,) but it is certainly something that catches my ear pretty early on. There’s just something about a strong falsetto that just pumps my blood, especially when it soars over either intense metal songs or powerful melodic music. A recent discovery that isn’t such a recent band is called Thee Final Chaptre. They hit the scene towards the end of the 80’s in Louisiana and much like so many other amazing bands, got lost in the shuffle with the labels transitioning from being all about metal and hard rock to grunge. Much like their reissue of the aforementioned band Banshee, Divebomb Records has given the same excellent treatment to this great band.

They released one tape back in the day called It Is Written, which is contained on this reissue along with several live tracks. Thee Final Chaptre is a Christian Metal band, but not as overtly as some of their peers, musically akin to Maiden, Priest, and Stryper utilizing a strong melodic undertone yet a real metal approach. With crushing riffs and mind-bending leads, driving rhythms and this crazy voice that soars to astronomical heights, but capable of such haunting and moving lower register that is equally as powerful and captivating as the falsetto, TFC truly are a lost gem that must be heard by the masses. On songs like “The Hallowed Hymn,” “Day After Day,” and “All For One” they are simply unheard heavy metal classics, very much deserving of your consideration and entrance into the halls of metal infamy.

Thee Final Chaptre’s It Is Written is a lost gem that has thankfully been given a second lease on life. I can easily envision the younger me getting a hold of this and playing the tape until it fell to pieces. The older me is glad that CD’s and digital copies are more durable because I have a feeling this will find its way into my player many times.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  8/10


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