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Twisted Sister – Metal Meltdown CD review

Released by: Stuck Mojo Music
Genre: Heavy metal
Release date: 22 July 2016

Line up:
Jay Jay French – Guitar,
Eddie Ojeda – Guitar,
Dee Snider – lead Vocals,
Mark Mendoza – Bass Guitar,
Mike Portnoy – Drums,

Track list:
1. What You Don’t Know
2. The Kids Are Back
3. Stay Hungry
4. The Beast
5. Shoot ‘Em Down
6. You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll
7. I Believe In Rock ‘N’ Roll
8. Under The Blade
9. I Am (I’m Me)
10. We’re Not Gonna Take It
11. The Fire Still Burns
12. The Price
13. Burn In Hell
14. A.J. Pero Tribute
15. I Wanna Rock
16. Come Out and Play
17. S.M.F.

‘Metal Meltdown’ is a live concert series recorded for DVD release, and the inevitable album release alongside it.

Our review of the DVD can be found HERE. the focus in this review is of the live album released alongside the DVD.

Twisted Sister was the first act of four to release their contribution to this series. However, it was recorded under a dark cloud, with legendary Twisted Sister drummer A.J. Pero suddenly passing away two months before this event was due to be recorded. The Ionic band decided to continue with their tour and this show in his honour, employing Mike Portney (The Winery Dogs, Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold) to handle the sticks in place of his friend.
The show, and therefore the album, opens with ‘What You Don’t Know’, reminding the assembled live crowd that they don’t quite know what they are here to see, as Twisted Sister are no ordinary band. But whatever it is, its going to be loud and lively, as the next track, ‘The Kids are Back’ kicks in with Dee Sniders vocals still going strong after 40 years of live performances.


Track four ‘The Beast’ reminds everybody that Twisted ‘Fucking’ Sister are on stage and that we do indeed have hands and that we should be using them. The set continues with more head banging Twisted Sister classics, including the song that everybody, and I mean ‘EVERYBODY’ should know ‘We’re Not Gonna take It’.

There is a poignant tribute to their lost Drummer A.J. Pero, explaining, that to carry on with the music is exactly what he would have wanted for Twisted Sister to do. And on that sentiment the classic show men make it clear what they want to do, and that is most definitely ‘I Wanna Rock’ although from Dee Sniders scientific experiment the Las Vegas crowd would indeed prefer to fuck., along with the rest of the world according to his data.

The album and indeed the live show closes with ‘S.M.F.’ which again gets the crowd to their feet and singing at the top of their voices.

This is a great live album, although the vocals do sound slightly muddy, almost like they have been buried in the mud at this year’s Download festival. But if it was all crystal clear digital studio sounding then it would not be a live album, and with that it would lose some of it charm. It would cope well as a greatest hits album, with it having pretty much every single hit that Twisted Sister have ever made.

Reviewed by Kalli Isborne

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