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No Power No Crown – The Wake Up Call Review

Released by: Fithman Recordings

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Lord Nelson: Vocals/Rap
Steve Coleman: Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Triece: Guitar/Vocals
Justin Campbell: Guitar
James “Captain” Nunn: Bass/Vocals
Matt McCoy: Drums



1. The Wake Up Call
2. Degenerated
3. Rebuild
4. Generation Axx Man
5. The Impression
6. TMO
7. Party All Night Long
8. Texas Star
9. Fuck All Y’all
10. Lord Nelson TMO (Club Mix)


One of the most energetic and entertaining live bands out of the Charlotte, NC area also happens to be one that tends to fall under the radar. They’re called No Power No Crown and they’ve been delivering their brand of no bullshit heavy metal funky rap brilliance a few years now. They’re one of those bands that I have never seen turn away an unsatisfied customer when they hit the stage. You may not know what to expect from the beginning to look at them, but there is no doubt that within a few songs you will be up front, banging your head, shaking your booty, and having a fantastic time.

Finally, after countless inquiries after said shows if they had a CD, the wait is over. Independently released for Fithman Recordings and recorded at Fithman Studios in Charlotte, NC, NPNC is here to offer The Wake Up Call. Many of these songs have been main staples in their live set and to finally have them to listen to whenever I want, is awesome. With covers from Antiseen (“Fuck All Y’all,) The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (“The Impression”) and Reagan Youth (“Degenerated”) the highlights for me were originals like “Rebuild,” “Generation Axx Man,” and “Texas Star,” tracks that I have come to know and love so much from the numerous shows I have managed to see from them. I’m not a rap fan, but Lord Nelson (ex-Stuck Mojo) lays down some impressive rhymes, but he can also deliver some serious rock vocals too. With a triple guitar assault from Steve Coleman, Jeff Triece, and Justin Campbell you have three totally different players melding together to create this wall of guitar supremacy. Laying down the bass, as usual, is Captain Nunn, and supporting the rhythm section with Nunn is new drummer Matt McCoy.

No Power No Crown’s The Wake Up Call is the perfect primer for getting new fans pumped to see the band. It doesn’t completely capture the entirety of what makes them so amazing live, but it comes pretty damn close. As someone that has followed this band for a while, I’m proud of them and their accomplishment here. This is an excellent album and will hopefully rally new fans to the fold. I encourage you, if you even passingly enjoy this album, see a show if at all possible. That is truly where they thrive.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  8/10


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