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Crobot – Welcome to Fat City Review

Released by: Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Brandon Yeagley – Vocals, Harmonica
Bishop – Guitar, Vocals
Jake Figueroa – Bass
Paul Figueroa – Percussion



1. Welcome To Fat City
2 Play It Cool
3. Easy Money
4. Not For Sale
5. Hold On For Dear Life
6. Temple In the Sky
7. Right Between The Eyes
8. Blood On The Snow
9. Steal The Show
10. Moment Of Truth
11. Plague Of The Mammoths


Crobot’s sophomore release “Welcome To Fat City” picks right up where their 2014 debut “Something Supernatural” left off. Merging equal parts 70’s and 90’s metal and hard rock, the band’s funky stoner grooves are sure to be a hit with fans of retro metal and the hook-heavy songs are immediately satisfying and make you want to throw your fist in there are and sing along to the big melodic choruses.

Album opener and title track “Welcome to Fat City” will burrow into your brain after only a listen or two and another stand out cuts like “Easy money”, “Not For Sale” “, “Blood On The Snow” and “”Plague of the Mammoths” won’t be far behind.

Vocalist Brandon Yeagley’s banshee wail immediately brings to mind comparisons to Chris Cornell as he deftly weaves in and out of guitarist Chris Bishop’s fuzzed and feedback filled riffs and solos. Not to be out done the spectacular rhythm section of brothers Paul & Jake Figueroa lay down an infectiously funky and thunderous groove underneath it all.

With nods to Rage Against The Machine, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, Clutch and others “Welcome To Fat City” is a highly enjoyable listen. If I was going to nit pick any one thing about it, it’s that in an AC/DC kind of the way the album does have a certain repetitiveness to it. That being said if you like one song you’re apt to like them all.


Reviewer: Dave Burke

Rating:  8/10


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