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Scorpions – Live in Munich Blu-Ray Review

Released by: Eagle Rock Ent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Classic Rock

Links: https://www.the-scorpions.com/


Scorpions are:
Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backing vocals)
Klaus Meine (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion)
Matthias Jabs (lead guitar, rhythm guitar, backing vocals)
James Kottak (drums, backing vocals)
Pawel Maciwoda (bass, backing vocals)


Track Listing
1. Sting In The Tail
2. Make It Real
3. Is There Anybody There?
4. The Zoo
5. Coast To Coast
6. Loving You Sunday Morning
7. We’ll Burn The Sky
8. The Best Is Yet To Come
9. Send Me An Angel
10. Holiday
11. Raised On Rock
12. Tease Me Please Me
13. Hit Between The Eyes
14. Kottak Attack
15. Blackout
16. Big City Nights
17. Still Loving You
18. Wind Of Change
19. No One Like You
20. Rock You Like A Hurricane
21. When The Smoke Is Going Down


When the Scorpions decided to make a dignified end to their careers, no one could have guessed that this decision would lead to a great response around the world. The band was not allowed to play for sold out houses worldwide, at least not in their home country. For a long time as a rock band for housewives, (why, because of “Wind Of Change”, the band always wrote ballads and a hit can not be anticipated!), This message struck like a bomb. The biggest successes ever had the band around Mastermind Rudolf Schenker always abroad and so it was close to the tour to accompany the film.

Filmmaker and director Katja von Garnier has accompanied the band, interviews, concert recordings and many memories have been inserted and has created a grandiose film here. The film was already released last year as a DVD and Blu-ray, now follows a new version of the film together with the recording of the concert from the Müchenener Olympiahalle from 17 December 2012. Those who already have the film, however, have the opportunity to own the concert -DVD or -Blu-ray.

There is certainly nothing to write about the live activities of the band because as usual it’s trademarked with Scorpions perfection and live class. It is only surprising how little the audience of Munich is listening to the songs. This has nothing to do with “honored old fans” because the audience is composed of a large part also of young fans. Anyone who has ever seen a show of the Scorpions in the USA knows that it is not the band. I’m a little stunned as the reactions of the fans in this huge arena venue, perhaps is the generational gap between fans, but I felt there could have been more energy from the crowd. But the music and the show does not stop this because the Hanoverians again prove that they are still one of the big rock bands of this planet. The song selection is logically tailored to the then current album “Sting In The Tail”, which inevitably leads to overlapping with the Blu-ray “Live In 3-D”.

All their classics a played here; with great energy and performed with immense passion and delivery. Tunes such as Loving You Sunday Morning  and Blackout, all sound great live. It doesn’t matter how many times one has heard Still Loving You , you know is the Scorpions now and then, without a doubt.

The Blu-ray delivers a contemporary, crisp image and the sound with DTS and LPCM stereo is also the right choice for the home of a home-runner. The DVD offers an equally great picture and comes with DTS surround sound, Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Stereo, therefore.


Written By: Shadow Editor

Rating     8/10



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