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Eden’s Curse – Cardinal Review

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:

Nikola Mijic (Vocals)
Thorsten Koehne (Guitars)
Paul Logue (Bass)
Chrism (Keyboards)
John Clelland (Drums)



1. Prophets Of Doom
2. Sell Your Soul
3. The Great Pretender
4. Messiah Complex
5. Find My Way
6. Kingdom Of Solitude
7. Utopian Dreams
8. This Is Our Moment 9. Rome’s On Fire
10. Unconditional (feat. Liv Kristine)
11. Saints & Sinners
12. Jericho


Multinational Metallers, Eden’s Curse released their fifth studio album ‘Cardinal‘ via AFM Records on October 14, 2016. Produced by members Paul Logue (bass) and Thorsten Koehne (guitar) as it took them two years to write. It was the success of 2013’s ‘Symphony of Sin‘ that made them question how much further could they go? After spending an immense amount of time and creative thought processes, ‘Cardinal’ made them push themselves even further. The album consists of twelve tracks which continue to include the traditional Eden’s Curse sound. However, it is the first album to feature new drummer John Clelland (of Code of Silence) and keyboardist Chrism.

Prophets of Doom” opens the album with a bold introduction as the anticipation continues to build. Chrism demonstrates his skill set from the get-go with his induced electronic keyboard sound that moves in sync with the crushing Melodic Melody. As the song progresses, you will hear quite a few killer guitar riffs followed by an enthusiastic solo that both demonstrate a Power Metal style. Tentatively embellishing one’s dark side or at least that is what I took from the next “Sell Your Soul.” It begins with an enjoyable beat while welcoming the unknown as the tempo moves in a slower direction. Shortly after hearing, “do you want to give your life away,” there is a truculent guitar solo as it creates a powerful conclusion to the song. “The Great Pretender” comes in next with a massive instrumental introduction. This has a bit of Symphonic Metal elements along with a catchy chorus. The tone fluctuates even further as it adds a bit of funk to the mix for another guitar solo.

Messiah Complex” emphasizes riffs from the beginning as it spirals along with the keyboard instrumentation. The vocals possess a significant speed as well as the tune builds with energetic momentum. “Find My Way” dramatically moves in with different melodies as it triumphs its way through emotive expressions. It is as though one is trying to find his or her way to alleviate their pain. Moving back to an edgier tone with “Kingdom of Solitude” as the aggression is mixed with the electronic elements. The meaning of the song is as though one is welcoming a world of solitary existence.

The second half of the album begins with “Utopian Dreams” as it moves with a Hard Rock sound. Powerful momentum and an uplifting attitude come in next with “This Is Our Moment” as it blasts along with captivating hooks. “Rome’s on Fire” moves around in different paces as it starts off slow and springs into an abrasive speed. As the album starts to cool down to the end, “Unconditional” comes on next with featuring guest vocalist Liv Kristine. It starts off slow as the drums take the lead with the first direction where a guitar riff soon follows. This piece appears more focused on the instrumentals. However, it’s a softer tune especially with the enhancement of Liv’s vocals. Softness continues with “Saints & Sirens” as it holds a more spiritual introduction along with Symphonic accompaniments. The final track of the album “Jericho” is the longest piece as it clocks in close to eight minutes long. The song is based on the biblical story entitled the battle of Jericho. Symphonic elements continue as guitar solos bleed out with Melodic bliss throughout this tune. There are a bit of differentiation such as switching on and off from Electronica to traditional Hard Rock styles.

Cardinal‘ sticks to Eden’s Curse roots, however, it musically shifts between Symphonic, Power, and Hard Rock melodies. These mix-ups maintain the album’s engagement as you will discover something new to each track.


Reviewer: Zenae Zukowski

Rating  8/10


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