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Kansas – The Prelude Implicit Review

Release date: September 23, 2016

Label: Inside Out Records

Genre: Progressive rock



Line Up:

Phil Ehart- Drums
Billy Greer- Bass and Vocals
David Manion – Keyboards
Ronnie Platt – Vocals and Keyboard
David Ragsdale- Violin and Guitar
Zak Rizvi – Guitar
Richard Williams- Lead Guitar



With This Heart
Visibility Zero
The Unsung Heroes
Rhythm in the Spirit
The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
Crowded Isolation
Section 60


Another late for release but worth note for sure is the 15th studio album of the iconic and universally well-known (and if you don’t know – get out there and do some homework) Kansas.

Kansas is well known for their iconic anthems such as “Carry On My Wayward Son” – which I have had the pleasure of Yngwie Malmsteen perform live with Jeff Scott Soto on vocals – and “Dust in the Wind” – one of the first plucking technique lessons you will get if you ever take guitar lessons and your teacher is cool.

It’s been 16 years since the last Kansas album and during that time the band has had a few recruitment changes and added a new lead singer in Ronnie Platt. Platt also brings his keyboard talents to The Prelude Implicit with some standout performances.

For me, Kansas is a progressive rock band with anthem tones that allow for the listener to experience the music as well as sing along and feel part of the entire process.

From the opening track “With This Heart”, it’s as if the years disappear and you are brought back to the place that Kansas always takes you – a place of optimism and light.

“Visibility Zero”, “Rhythm in the Spirit”  lyric video below have a heavier approach to the progression, while “The Unsung Heroes” could easily be mistaken for an Eagles tune – its warm, welcoming and soulful.

“Refugee” is one of my favorite songs on this album – the vocals are crystal clear and the message is there – makes me want to get out the album liner notes and learn the words.

“The Voyage of Eight Eighteen”  is one that certifies what any fan of Kansas already knew. If it’s not broken don’t fix it and keep going.

“Crowded Isolation” is another winner for me. It’s deep and thoughtful and again makes me want to turn it up and shout the lyrics at the top of my lungs (however, this would lead to phone calls to the authorities reporting “strange behavior and screaming”)

Overall this is a Kansas album that can stand proudly beside all the others – and please Kansas – don’t wait another 16 years to present us with another offering from your muse.

A great musical representation of proving that age only makes things sweeter and better.


Reviewer: Marianne Jacobsen

Rating:  9/10

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