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1000mods – Repeated Exposure to…. Review

Released by: 1000mods

Release Date:  CD and Digital Out Now!!/ Vinyl November 1, 2016

Genre:  Stoner Metal





Dani | Bass & Vox
Giannis | Guitars
George | Guitars
Labros | Drums



1) Above 179
2) Loose
3) Electric Carve
4) The Son
5) A.W.
6) On A Stone
7) Groundhog Day
8) Into The Spell


This heavy stoner metal band from Greece is back with their third full-length LP, and it’s a good one! Dripping with all things that make up the distinctive stoner/desert sound. It’s hard to believe these guys are from Greece and not straight out of the California desert. As with their previous albums, you can expect lots of fuzzy goodness. You can tell these guys are influenced by bands such as ‘Kyuss’ and ‘Fu Manchu’ and they have the chops to be right up there with the best stoner metal bands. ‘Repeated Exposure To... ‘ is a fuzz-filled fun record from start to finish!

‘Above 179’ starts off this record, a catchy tune that starts your trip down the desert highway and back. ‘Loose’ and ‘Electric Carve’ have great riffs, and driving drum & bass sound that makes you want to go on a long drive and crank the volume. ‘The Son’ is a great track that starts with a slow guitar intro, that draws you in then changes pace and dimension.

‘A.W.’ has a great garage rock feel to it. High energy from start to finish. ‘On A Stone’ Is a fuzz lovers dream. This song has a great ‘Kyuss” feel to it.  ‘Into the Spell’ is a great song to close out the album. It brings you back full circle from your stoner rock journey.

‘Repeated Exposure To… ‘ is an excellent album with great flow to it. This should be a part of everyone’s road trip collection. It’s difficult to choose one song over another, and an argument could be made for each song. Every time we listen to this album a different song becomes our favorite. As vinyl enthusiasts, we think it’s great that this will be released on vinyl Nov 1. We’re hoping these guys from Greece will make their way to the states very soon.

1000mods is currently on a European tour through the end of October. Pick up a copy of ‘Repeated Exposure To… ‘ you won’t regret it.


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  9/10


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