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Kyle Gass Band, Boston Music rooms, London, 30 September 2016

Review and Pictures:  Kalli Isborne

Vinyl Cartel and Reigning Days

After a last minute change of venue to the Boston music rooms the first support act Vinyl Cartel appeared on stage 15 mins after they were due. I’m sure the delay was with the change of venue and that they did not get lost in their home town, that would have just been embarrassing.

With smooth grooves and a 60s vibe they smaltzed their way through their 5 song set with a crowd pleasing vibe. Shouts of I love you were heard emanating from the audience. They have acquired a few more fans after that set.

Reigning Days were next on stage. Hailing from Devon the three piece rocked their way into the audiences psyche. With a surprisingly heavy sound for a three piece, Reigning Days deserved their time on stage, and the adoration of the ever growing crowd. Their set was well rehearsed, with a tightness and on stage confidence that complimented their style of rock, not metal, not heavy, just good rock.

Kyle Gass Band

Then for the main event, what we have all been waiting for, the Kyle Gass Band! For any up and coming front men/women out there, please do not follow in Kyle’s wardrobe choices. Looking like you have just climbed out of bed does not make for a great impression. Luckily, wardrobe choice aside, Kyle and his band were ready to make the Boston Music Rooms bounce.

Opening with Manchild, Kyle and his band set the scene for a fun night of music and laughs. With a now pretty full Boston Music Rooms, many of the audience appear to be veterans of KGB shows, singing along enthusiastically to each song as the set progresses. As the show progresses Kyle shows off his prowess on, not just guitar or vocally, but also on the instrument dreaded by so many parents of primary school age, the recorder! Not content on playing one recorder at a time, he plays two at once. The band and audience continue to warm to each other as the evening wears on, with the feeling of a family reunion flowing through the venue.

At no point during the set does Kyle’s voice falter, and to prove this during Questionable, Kyle holds a high note for what seems an age, with looks of amazement from his band mates, and stunned silence from the audience he completes the note to a rapturous round of applause from both. To the continued adulation of the crowd Kyle heads into the assembled mass during Green Eyed Lady. How he escaped from them alive I’m not quite sure. And then to what Kyle Gass does best, Theatre! Gypsy Scroll ends the set with two band members donning cloaks and playing the role assigned to them for the narrative of the songs, battling between good and evil until the end. However, the crowd does not want it to end, with shouts of we want more echoing around the room.

Luckily KGB are happy to oblige and return to the stage for their encore. Continuing with their good versus evil enterprise, Gypsy Scroll 2: Toot of the Valley, pleases the fans enough to ensure that a mosh pit breaks out in the middle. The band continue through the next song of the encore, and to the final song of the evening, where we have a surprise in store. Drummer Tim Spier steps out from behind the drums to take a turn on lead vocals, performing a Jackson/Fresh Prince mash up, which finishes the night of nicely.

The band take the plaudits from the crowd, whilst Kyle makes his way to a rapidly set up table at the side of the room where he happily signs merchandise and body parts for whoever wants to queue for it. An enjoyable evening, despite the late change in venue, with all three bands on show performing well for the assembled crowd.

Set List
Job To Rock
Bring Her Back Better
Bro Code
Hell or High
Bro Ho
Green Eyed Lady
Gypsy Scroll
Gypsy Scroll 2: Toot of the Valley
Kiss U/Pony
Jackson 5


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