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Satan live at Webster Hall, NY on October 21st, 2016


Live Gig Review and Photos by: Zenae Zukowski



Over the past few years, Satan has risen once again to demonstrate their reigns in Heavy Metal, which was seen in 2015’s ‘Atom By Atom.’ For me, it was their demolishing performance at 2016’s Maryland Deathfest in May that completely proved their resurrection. A few months after MDF, the British Metallers announced a North American tour. The tour was a short ten date trek, and I was there on night one on October 21st at New York City’s Webster Hall’s the Marlin Room.

The first act of the evening was the local band Sanhedrin. There was minimal interaction between the band and crowd as they went straight forward into their set due to the strict curfew the venue had that night. They kicked off a Doom mood as a few fans ran up close and front to capture their performance. The morbid tunes moved with heavy riffs and haunting vocals as they went into songs such as “A Funeral For The World.”

After a short break, it was time for the Toronto Metallers Cauldron to enchant the crowd. It was the beginning of this year when I saw them open for Enforcer/Warbringer at the Gramercy Theatre that had me completely glued to their music. I was excited to see them again as this night they did not disappoint. Sadly, they only had thirty minutes to perform as they called it a “diet setlist.” The venue’s curfew did seem to give each band and the crowd a rush of unfortunate disadvantages. Regardless, Cauldron dominated through their tunes including “Nigntbreaker,” “No Return,” and “Burning Fortune.”

As the night progressed, a few fans managed to have one too many drinks while others rushed to the front just in time to see Satan. The lights turned blood red on the stage just in time for Satan to rise to the platform. While the fans seemed to enjoy them conquering through songs including “Trial By Fire,” “Blades of Steel,” “The Devil’s Infantry,” and “Twenty Twenty Five,” something felt a bit off to me. The performance was dark, sinister and filled with coarse instrumentals. The sound echoed across the venue during songs “Break Free,” “Ruination,” “Siege Mentality,” and “Incantations.” Unfortunately, the set did feel short, as the entire night in general was. There was no room for full-blown interaction, nor an encore but Satan did give it their all as they finished with “The Fall of Persephone” and “Testimony.” Someone noticed the setlist was cut short as the track “Time To Die” was supposed to be the conclusion of the evening.

This is not the first time Webster Hall has cut sets short due to having another event scheduled afterward. Hopefully, schedules will get sorted out differently, so bands and fans have more time to witness a full show. I do enjoy Webster Hall it is one of the best venues around in New York City that supports the Metal scene. It is just moments like these when I look at from a fan and possibly band’s perspective on the possibility of feeling jipped from an incomplete show. However, Satan did what they could with the restrictions, and many did not even notice as it was an evening of drinks, joy, and metal on a Friday Night.

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