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The Quireboys – Twisted Love Review

Released by: Off Yer Rocka

Genre: Rock and Roll

Release date:  2nd September 2016



Line up:

Spike – Vocals
Paul Guerin – Guitar
Guy Griffin – Guitar
Keith Weir – Keyboards
Nick Mailing – Bass
Dave McCluskey – Drums



Torn & Frayed

Ghost Train

Killing Time

Twisted Love

Breaking Rocks

Gracie B (Part II)

Life’s A Bitch

Stroll on

Shotgun Way

Midnight Collective


Twisted Love is the UK based six pieces’ 10th Album. Marketed as a British rock and roll album, you may be thinking along the lines of The Rolling Stones, Queen or Fleetwood Mac. You would be thinking wrong. The album has a bluesy tang to most of the tracks, and if I didn’t know they were British I would have pinned them down as from Southern USA playing a mash of Country Rock and Blues.

The Album opens with Torn & Frayed, an upbeat, foot tapping number, that wouldn’t sound amiss in any American themed Steak restaurant. Ghost Train soon follows, and this is probably the most bluesy track on the Album. With Guest vocals from Lynne Jackaman throughout this album, this song takes us on a trip on the Ghost Train to paradise. Killing Time returns to the same recipe as the opening track, and then we have the title track.

Twisted Love was also released as the first single from this album, and I can see why, with a strong radio friendly sound it makes a great standalone single which showcases all the strengths of this album. Breaking rocks continue in a similar vein to Twisted Love, so similar in the fact they could be twins.

Life’s A Bitch is, so far, my favorite song on the album, and not simply for the title, although who wouldn’t like this as a song title. This is an upbeat number showing all the reasons why The Quireboys are still going after all these years. A good old fashion rock song, with plenty of guitar and drums thrown in.

The album finishes with a toned down almost jazz number. Midnight collective is a very smooth song, and would not go amiss on your local commercial radio stations after midnight show. Perhaps that’s where The Quireboys got their inspiration for this track.

Overall not a bad album, this is one to go to when you want something relaxing to listen to in the bath, or chilling on the sofa. If you are after a head banging, foot stomping, party-starting an album, then you are better off choosing something else from your music collection.


Reviewer: Kalli Isborne

Rating: 7/10


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