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Circus Train – Out Of My Cage Review

Released by: Circus Train

Release Date:  May 14,2016

Genre:  Rock ‘n Roll





Vasilis Dimitrakopoulos – Vocals, Guitar

John Gegakis – Guitar

Hector Koskinas – Bass

Gregorio Periko – Drums



1) Out Of My Cage
2) Same Game Different Rules
3) Breaking The Set
4) Hollow Words

If you’re looking for some straight up rock ‘n’ roll, look no further than the debut EP from Circus Train. They formed in 2012 in Athens, Greece, and these guys have put together a four-song EP that sounds great and rocks like hell.

On the first track, ‘Out Of My Cage’, there is a great, catchy guitar riff, that gets the blood flowing. The vocals are clean and sound great. ‘Same Game Different Rules’ has a great 90’s vibe to it. You can’t help but sing along. ‘Breaking The Set’ has a catchy riff that just sticks in your head and won’t leave. The last song on the EP, ‘Hollow Words’, has a slower feel to it, but still holds up well with the other songs and is a great closer for the album.

These guys have a great sound, and it reminds us of late 80’s early 90’s hard rock that ruled the airwaves. As with any EP, they seem to end too quick and leave you wanting a few more songs. Circus Train has put forth an excellent sounding debut, with some fantastic melodies and these songs have a great party vibe. Great to listen right before you go out for a night on the town.


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  8/10


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