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Rabbit Attack PR Interviews Jackie Chambers and Enid Williams from Girlschool

Photo Credit: Robert Sutton


Interview by Francijn Suermondt, Rabbit Attack PR and MGM Agony Aunt


Girlschool are the longest established all female rock band in history, playing and recording together for over 38 years. To celebrate the launch recently of their 13th album ‘Guilty As Sin’ and their present tour with Saxon and Fastway, I was very privileged to interview Jackie and Enid before their gig last week at the 02 Bristol Academy.  Towards the end of the interview you can also hear a good dose of Saxon in their sound check ….how rock n roll is that ?!


What Girlschool Mean To Me

I was first introduced to Girlschool when seeing them on Top of The Pops with Motorhead in 1981.  I was 13 years old and couldn’t get my head around what I was seeing on TV, this wasn’t the girly type music of the female popstars of the time …and those guys they were playing with?  It all sort of scared me and thrilled me at the same time!

I think they have to have inspired a whole generation of girls, that they could be just as good as the boys, not only in music, in all aspects of life.  And I wholly respect how Girlschool have done this, without resorting to scantily clad low cut outfits and relying on their sexuality.

They simply do what they do and if you don’t like it … tough, much in the vein of their buddies Motorhead.  To me both bands are absolute true rock n rollers…I play the Girlschool version of Bomber every day … especially when I want to feel strong …. it puts rock power in my bones.

Girlschool are:

Kim McAuliffe – rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals

Enid Williams – bass guitar, lead and backing vocals

Jackie Chambers – lead guitar, backing vocals

Denise Dufort – drums



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