Idlewar bring the glory ahead of UK tour with Stone Broken

For a band that’s just two years young, Californian rock three piece IDLEWAR have created a viral buzz with the release of their ‘Dig In’ EP, and most recently, the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Impulse’.

“We are passionate about music, pure and simple. ‘Impulse’ is our take on what we love, and a firm nod to what makes Idlewar tick” – James Blake (Vocals / Bass Guitar)

Produced by drummer Pete Pagonis, and mastered by Brian Lucey (Ghost ‘Meliora’, Black Keys ‘El Camino’, Arctic Monkeys ‘AM’, plus albums by David, ’Twin Peaks’ ‘Dune’, Lynch), the core tracking for ‘Impulse’ was recorded in just two days. Idlewar has thrown down a debut album with an abundance of raw power, and shows the growth of the Orange County rock band. Offering a widened scope to listeners, Idlewar has planted a musical landscape, which is deeply rooted in hard rock, groove orientated, emotional sonics. ‘Impulse’ is a truly passionate listen.

”The writing process has become easier between the three of us. Initially, because it was all so new, there was a ‘feeling out’ period, but once we became more comfortable, the creative process for this new album opened things up so much” – Pete Pagonis (Drums)


It’s the creative passion, and conviction, Idlewar showcase on songs like ‘Eleventeen’ ‘Criminal’ ‘On Our Knees’ ‘Glory’ and ‘All That I’ve Got’, that’s made rock fans all around the world embrace this band, notably in the UK. Such is the shared vision between band and fans, Idlewar acted quickly when numerous calls for a UK Tour were shouted loud and proud by their growing fanbase. Working closely with their team, Idlewar secured a UK tour, as special guests to Frontiers Music artists, STONE BROKEN, and a valuable slot at Planet Rock’s SOLD OUT festival, ROCKSTOCK.

Such was the potency and combined rise in popularity of all involved, the London show quickly sold out, with tickets selling fast for other shows on the tour. Truly humbling and a testimony to the loyalty of music fans.

”This is not just about being able to play music that we’ve written for appreciative fans. It’s also about meeting these amazing people that we have connected with. We see a passion in fans that matches the passion we put into this music.” – Rick Graham (Guitar)


Supporting Stone Broken

  • 24th Nov NORWICH Brickmakers Arms
  • 25th Nov SHEFFIELD The Corporation
  • 26th Nov LONDON The Black Heart (SOLD OUT)
  • 28th Nov BRIGHTON The Hope And Ruin
  • 29th Nov NEWCASTLE The Cluny
  • 30th Nov EDINBURGH Bannermans
  • 1st DecMANCHESTER Rebellion
  • 3rd DecPLANET ROCKSTOCK (SOLD OUT) Idlewar only

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Idlewar’s debut album ‘Impulse’ is out now via PHD.


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