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Beth Hart – Fire On The Floor Review

Released by: Provogue/Mascot Label Group

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock/Blues




Love Gangster
Coca Cola
Let’s Get Together
Love Is A Lie
Fat Man
Fire On The Floor
Baby Shot Me Down
A Good Day To Cry
Woman You’ve Been Dreaming Of
Another Picture In A Frame
No Place Like Home


Beth Hart is back with twelve new tracks for her album ‘Fire On The Floor’, a follow up from 2015’s ‘Better Than Home.’ Hart described it herself as, “pretty frickin’ good,” so I figured I should take it for a spin and see if she was right. The Grammy-nominated artist has written this album in a handful of genres where you could hear Gospel, Jazz, Classical and Rock elements as it depicts her influences from her teenage years.

The album opens up with “Jazzman” as Hart’s Bluesy vocals hone its way through the danceable and relaxing rhythms. Next, up, Hart seems to be searching for love in “Love Gangster” as she delivers her hopeless devotion with lyrics such as using the famous line, “ain’t nobody gonna love you like I do.” These first songs both have a classic feel and emotion as Hart’s vocals at points remind me of an earlier era.

Hart continues to reflect on her childhood as she recalls the refreshing “Coca Cola” as it bought the sweet simplicity life used to be. The melody moves to a Funk and catchy vibe with the enjoyable “Let’s Get Together.” As the pleasant memories rolled in, the album shifts to pain and heartache with the next “Love is a Lie.” The song moves with painful screams of terror, as one realizes the realities of love after being betrayed. Hart emphasizes, “Now there was a time, love was blowing my mind.” The anger and pain moves in a edgier and Rock style as the Jazz elements have dissipated. Continuing with the Rock sound, “Fat Man” comes in as Hart continues to vent out her own aggression.

As the album reaches its halfway mark, the pace slows down with “Fire On the Floor.” Hart expressed heartache. However, she continues to reveal, “but I’ll be crawling back for more.” The emotion continues as she reflects on this pain, “I don’t love you anymore, you’re nothing like the man I loved before.” It is an emotional reflection on an experience most can relate with. The next song, “Woman You’ve Been Dreaming Of”  is utterly depressing. Hart explains the reality of being with someone who dreams of being with someone else. The song sadly reminds me of someone accepting that you are unloved by the one you have confessed your love to.

The mood picks up with “Baby Shot Me Down,” as Hart expresses the need to fight back. Uplifting and determination emotion does not last long where the tempo drops on “Good Day To Cry.” Hart’s vocals will compel you in this track alone as she delivers pain, sadness, sorrow, and the hopeless seek for love.

Sadness continues as Hart looks back in “Picture in a Frame.” Hart cries out lyrics, “I had a lot of good times with you,” and “It’s hard to live all alone.” Hart concludes the album with “No Place Like Home,” as the sadness and reflections continue. Hart’s vocals echo along as she longs for her home.

‘Fire On the Floor’ will set you on an emotional roller coaster. Hart’s honest lyrics are words that many can relate with, where anyone could realize they are not the only ones suffering.


Reviewer: Zenae Zukowski

Rating  9/10


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