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Daxx & Roxane at the Amersham Arms, London, November 11 2016

Words: Karen Hetherington

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Every once in a while you hear a band who knock you slightly off kilter in the best possible way and reaffirm your confidence that the future of rock is in safe hands. Daxx & Roxane are a prime example of this and I reached this conclusion after hearing only 4 songs.

I had the good fortune of reviewing their EP 4 x 4 back in June and thereafter had been enthusiastically waiting for a chance to check out a live performance. Luckily for me, this opportunity presented itself on Friday 11th November in London – where the band is based.


Fired up and ready to make some noise, they ignited their set with the fantastic Sugar Rush, a hedonistic concoction of phenomenal raw vocals, wailing guitar riffs and heavy duty drumming, this track is the perfect opener to get any party started. Having kicked off with a twin guitar assault, a couple of minutes in lead singer and bassist Cedric Pfister had a well deserved breather from belting out powerfully potent vocals and guitarist Simon Golaz stepped up to the mike to blast out some pretty impressive harmonica…and the rush didn’t end there.

There was no let up in intensity as the hard rocking tempo continued with Good Vibes where unrelenting powerhouse drummer Luca Senaldi, feeling the heat discarded his T shirt (aptly printed with the words “Bang Me”) almost in the blink of an eye. Up next was Girl Next Door and these guys were really raising the roof, their enthusiasm on stage clearly evident. There is a fantastic rapport between the band members, most clearly demonstrated between guitarists Cal and Simon, who also sing backing vocals.


There was an amazing but notably mellower melodic interlude in the hard rock rollercoaster before normal service was resumed. Feet were tapping, heads were banging, and I would say the audience had sore necks all round.

Nearing the end of the set Cal Wymann teased out a rambling blues riff while Simon dispensed tequila to the crowd amidst a steady repetitive drum beat and some dirty bass grooves. When they played the anthemic Wrong Side I was questioning if the band were really from Switzerland or Hard rock hell as they were absolutely on fire!

Their chemistry as a band is undeniable, their performance faultless. The echoes of their influences in no way overshadows the talent of these musicians nor the quality of their compositions.

The Daxx & Roxane sound is cemented in hard rock with bluesy undercurrents -they seem to have found their niche and pull it off to perfection. Having played the Montreux Jazz Festival earlier in the year and with a debut album due for release in the coming months, I’m hoping to see them rocking the masses at some of the UK festivals in 2017. The time to check them out, is now…

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