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The Answer and The Dead Daisies – Electric Ballroom London – 23rd November 2016


Words by: Robert Sutton

Images by: Robert Sutton Photography


This co-headlining tour has just finished 10 dates in the UK , where the London date was the last one in the UK. The bands are now headed off to Europe, which will keep them on the road until just a few days before Christmas.

Support for the evening was from ”Lynne Jackaman ”

Lynne Jackaman: I was looking forward to shooting and reviewing Lynne properly after seeing her set at the Stone Free Festival earlier this year, however, due to issues with photo passes, which I was granted a pass to shoot The Answer, but none of the other support bands!! I had to spend most of the time Lynne was on stage trying to sort this out with the tour manager…hence, I only got a few quick shots from the crowd for her set and unfortunately did not really get a chance to listen to her properly…Oh well, I’m sure that there will be a next time??!!..Sorry Lynne.. From what I did listen to, it really sounded like Lynne and Danny Page (on guitar) were having a good time.


The Dead Daisies are a bit of a rock playing collective group from America and have had their current line-up since the beginning of this year when Doug Aldrich (guitars) joined the band. Led by John Corabi ( vocals) they released their third album ‘Make Some Noise’ in August.

They opened with their new single ‘Long Way to Go’ from the new album and played a total of six songs from this during the evening. For me, the one song that stood out, simply as I had not heard it played live for a number of years was a cover of The Beatles song ‘Helter Skelter”. The band gave a super performance throughout the entire set and really held the attention of just about everyone in the nearly full venue.

My only slight criticism, if you can call it that, would be that Brian (drums) really needs to practice his stick throwing a bit more!!..His high throwing of his sticks was a little bit hit or miss as to whether he would actually catch them again.. but it did make it a bit more entertaining and amusing for the audience…Great set…loved it…can’t wait for them to come back to the UK to play a full headline tour.

The Answer: This blues-rock band from Northern Ireland formed back in 2000, released their first album ‘Rise’ in 2006. Now some ten years on they have just released their sixth studio album ‘Solas’. With this being the ‘Solas’ tour then it was expected that they would play some of their new material, but actually, they ended up playing just about the entire album ( bar two songs). The set did however also include some older favorites like ‘ New Horizon’ , ‘Waste Your Tears’ and ‘Spectacular’ and one that I had been waiting quite a few years to hear ‘Nowhere Freeway’ being sung with Lynne Jackaman as guest vocalist.

The new album is a bit different to their last albums and has a more traditional Irish feel to it and with this theme Cormac ( vocals) did play the Bouzouki at one stage and commented that it was a ‘Bouzouki as opposed to something else that you put over your shoulder, …but both were just as deadly when in the wrong hands!!’..Paul (guitars) also swapped his electric guitar for a Mandolin for one the songs as well. There was no encore from the band but they ended their set with ‘Battle Cry’ and with Cormac singing and walking into the crowd and to the back of the venue leaving the band playing on stage to finish off the track. Again, another great performance from this band and one that really left me wanting more when their set did come to an end.

Great night out and one that left me singing ‘Spectacular’ all the way back to the tube station!!…


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