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Nash B.C. – Burning Babylon Review

Released by: Rockshot Records

Release Date: 9th December 2016

Genre: Modern Hard Rock



Line Up:

Nash (guitars), George Bacchus (vocals) and Costas Matis (drums)



01. Burning Babylon
02. Black Fire
03. A Thousand Ways
04. Sands Of Destiny
05. Highway
06. The Siege
07. Mortal Bindings
08. Hiding In Plain Sight
09. Seeking

“Burning Babylon”, the debut album of the modern hard rockers Nash B.C. will be has been released this 9th of December 2016 on digital audio and CD. Nine powerful tracks of hard hitting guitars and catchy choruses where D.A.D meets Alter Bridge, this’s the picture of this power-trio hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece!

Nash B.C.’s sound will please both fans of sleazy hard rock and modern heavy rock! “Burning Babylon” was recorded at Valve Studio (Firewind, Gus G) by Stratos Karagiannidis and mastered by Steve Nagasaki. The cover art and layout was designed by Alan Fall.

The sound is a mixture of modern hard rock and metal with a classic twist, melodic choruses, huge guitar riffs and pounding drums. This hard rock band was formed in in 2016 and consist in Nash (guitars), George Bacchus (vocals) and Costas Matis (drums).

The band was formed by guitarist Nash who started working on new songs from the start and in the summer of 2016 the band finished its first record.

The opener title track “Burning Babylon” it’s a pretty good start for this album, so much hard rock in a song that implies how the rest of the album could be.

The second track “Black Fire” is another a well-aimed blow with good rhythm and riff guitars.
“A Thousand Ways” doesn’t disgorge the high rhythm and it’s like a whirl where it’s a pleasure lost in it. “Sands Of Destiny” it’s totally D.A.D.’s sound well done. “Highway” it’s a good piece, maybe less powerful but absolutely full of energy. “The Siege” and “Mortal Bindings” pretty heavy just like “Hiding In Plain Sight” where the sound is well mixed with pure hard rock. The last track of this brilliant debut album is the beautiful song “Seeking”.

Interesting new band and a good album.


Reviewer: Valeria Campagnale

Rating:  8/10

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