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Chris Green – Unveiled Review

Released by: Self-Release

Release date: 2 December 2016

Genre: Progressive Rock, Instrumental

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01. Undefeated

02. Unveil

03. Once Forgotten

04. Remember

05. Welcome for a Soldier


During the late 80’s a phenomenon in hard rock/metal music started. As this genre gained more acceptance in the mainstream, folks in this musical community decided to push the boundaries further, and guitarists stepped into the forefront and started recording Shred albums. Basically what this entailed was totally unleashed, balls to the wall musical extravagance at its finest. Guys like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eric Johnson reaped much bigger success than instrumental music had previously. The concept, much like any other organic creation, was inundated with copycat albums from guitarists that shouldn’t have even picked up an instrument, let alone attempted to cash-in on their abilities. Much like the genre, I lost interest in checking out many of these projects outside the ones that had already proven themselves (like the aforementioned and folks like Tony MacAlpine and Vinnie Moore.) Perhaps, like most things, it’s coming full circle.

Chris Green, currently of Tyketto and previously of Rubicon Cross, Furyon, and several others, has decided to release his first solo EP. His guitar work as always been tremendous on any album he has worked on, but stepping into the forefront on his own he is going all-in with the EP entitled Unveiled. What he truly is unveiling is his immense abilities. Akin to those shred albums of old, Green doesn’t hold back, demonstrating finger calisthenics couched easily in a melodic style, this is the first totally instrumental album that has made me take notice in quite some time. From the perfect album opener “Undefeated” to the heavy and astounding “Once Forgotten” to the final track “Welcome For A Solider” Green shows he is not afraid to let his skill speak for him. Sometimes an all instrumental album will drag, leaving the listener wandering mentally, but Unveiled is so captivating you can’t not listen to it intently.

I have been a fan and admirer of Chris Green’s incredible guitar playing for a few years now, so it’s nice to finally have him step out of the shadows as the perfect side man and take his place as one of the best guitarists on the scene today with Unveiled. Capable of stunning guitar work as well as creating catchy songs is something a lot of shred lacked. This an absolute stunning release, and a great way to cap off a fantastic year of great music.

Rating: 9/10

Written by: Chris Martin

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