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Roxin’ Palace – Freaks of Society Review

Released by: Sleaszy Rider Records

Release Date: 31 October 2016

Genre: Modern Sleaze Rock / Hard Rock

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Line Up:

Al: Vocals

Cown: Guitar

Gian Roxx: Bass

Hell: Drum



01. Freaks Of Society

02. Monsters Love

03. Gangs Eraser

04. Thai Of Mine

05. Postatomic Hotel

06. A. Mist

07. Monkey Junkie

08. Rockers Of The Eagle

09. Neighbourhood Stars

10. Fading Idol

11. Freak?

12. A.N.

13. Little Lizzy (bonus track)


Born under the moniker ‘Modern Middle Ages’ the band  became Roxin’ Palace and was founded in 2011 by Crown guitarist of Revoltons and Hell ex Elvenking drummer. In 2013 the band released their first album, the self titled: “Roxin’ Palace”. To promote their album, the band has been busy. They undertook an intense live tour which culminates with new shows in the Czech Republic and a performance at the prestigious festival, Metal Days (Slovenia). And they will perform along side bands such Obituary, Satyr Icon and Manilla Road.

During the autumn of 2014, the band had to replace singer Axel, guitarist Slaver and bassist Garret with new members; Al (vocals) and Gian (bass). The new lineup is introduced onthis, the second album entitled “Freaks Of Society” released through  Sleaszy Rider Records; and now available in stores and digitally. Recording sessions took place at the Missed Track Studio of Pordenone under the guidance of Matthew Corona.  Roxin’Palace is a band in the mould of the old school American made street rock bands of the late 80’s, but with a fresher sound. 

“Freaks of Society” is the opener to album, with circus music that welcomes us in. This somehow works and is a rather smart song which after listening to it a few times becomes a really catchy tune. The second track “Monsters Love” makes us dance having some energetically inspired notes.

“Thai of mine” has a Guns n’ Roses’ feel with newer energy; while “Postatomic Hotel” puts you in a pure Van Halen mood. As with all rock albums these days, the classic ballad of the album is “L.A. Mist”, a rather sweet song.

It is with “Monkey Junkie” that we find ourselves rocking hard; just like in “Rockers Of The Eagle” where we can hear a mix of GNR and L.A.Guns.

“Neighbourhood Stars”, is another adrenaline song, sleazy rock-a-go-go. The song has been chosen as single and promoted it through a video.

“Fading Idol” is brilliant, exciting and charming. Enough to make us dance and sing along.

“Freak?” and “F.A.N.” are two great tracks; funny and crafty.

The bonus track, “Little Lizzy” rounds off the album and proves to be a rather groovy and compelling track.

This is a rather interesting Italian band. They regenerate past influences and old favourites with a modern sound and greater energy. The artwork, in mood with the album’s theme; “freaks”; was conceived by Simone Zimon Sut of New Breed Graphic Studio. “Freaks of Society” is an album for sleazy and street rockers and it should not be missing from any personal record collection.

Rating: 9/10      

Written by: Valeria Campagnale

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