Live Gig

The Franklys at O2 Institute, Birmingham, November 21st 2016.

Written by and pictures by: Reg Richardson

The evening was likely to finish with a bang and plenty of free-flowing beer as Airbourne were the headline band. What the night needed was some high energy openers and The Franklys didn’t disappoint. The all-girl band based out of London has had a growing fan base and with their debut album due out early next year this was an opportunity to show a decent, not to mention discerning,crowd just what they were made of.

This was a short set, just five songs, but if all of these make it to the album, it will be a cracker. The band opened with Weasel , taken from their debut EP released in 2013, and guitarist Fanny Broberg got things going straight away with a whirling dervish impression as she, along with her long blond hair, whipped around the stage. The girl is a power house, a very good guitar player despite the fact that her guitar is almost as big as she is! The band describe themselves as delivering ‘garage rock’, but the sound is a complex mix of rock and punk, with influences from the likes of The Hives and The White Stripes .

Second song on the list was their 2015 single Come Down, a driving post punk rocker which reminded me of the sound of X-Ray Spex. Once again Fanny Broberg pretty much threw herself around the stage followed, not far behind, by bassist Zoe Biggs. The vocals, supplied by vocalist-guitarist Jennifer Ahlkvist, are quite raw and are a cross between Poly Styrene and early Siouxsie Sioux. The proposed single for the forthcoming album, Castaway, was next, very Blondie in parts, very Siouxsie and the Banshees in others, great stuff to get the crowd warmed up and prepared for the beer showers that were to come later in the evening.

The main part of the short set finished with a second song taken from the debut EP, this was My Love. This is a much darker affair than the previous songs but no less energetic.

The final song was Don’t Kill Your Friends, good advice for anyone I should think! This was delivered at whirlwind pace yet again with some screaming guitars backed up by crashing drums from Lexi Clark.

This is bordering on old school post punk, call it garage if you prefer, but whatever you call it it’s bloody good. See them next year if you can and give the new single, Castaway, a listen to, it’s out now!

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